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Did Dillon cost us Sapp???


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I wonder if we would have taken Oakland's offer for Dillon, if they would have had enough cap room to sign Sapp? Or if we make the trade, would we have freed up enough room to counter Oakland's offer??

I hope that we can still get something for Dillon. I wonder if the Raiders have enough room to take on Dillon too. Maybe Denver's still interested. Since Corey is signed and Rudi is not, can anyone see us moving Rudi and keeping Corey? I hope not. :(

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Assigning Corey Dillon to NFLE... man that's classic payback... That might be the ultimate way to get back at a spoiled NFL player. I don't know if it's possible, considering his salary and market value, but If it's not contractually implausable.. I'd say do that, if we could without problems.. Now that's what I call payback.. I love it... :lol::D:lol:

---Hopefully speaking, Denver,New England, maybe Detroit starts looking for help at running back.. I still feel a Dillon trade will happen probably right before the draft, when teams start dumping salary again .

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people are saying revenge was the reason why we got Sapp but they dont know who the revenge is for , mabey the Bengals cause they want a lower pick for Dillon and won't willing to budge from a 3rd round offer or on the Bucs cause they basicly steal our GM and our RB (lets not forget that awful superbowl :( ) also deactivating a player is a waste of cap space and the fact is he already open his mouth so i guess a trade or a release is on the way

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