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TJs Bengals-Only draft v3


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Round 1


DE Mathias Kiwanuka 6'6 260 4.75 Bost Col http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingr...askiwanuka.html

Incredible athlete, productive, experienced, smart, leader, top intangibles

Alternate picks for r1

S Donte Whitner

LB Thomas Howard

DB Jimmy Williams

Round 2


S Jason Allen 6'1 210 4.39 Tennessee http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingr...jasonallen.html

Plays run and pass equally, athletic, experienced, smart/leader, can play cb or s.

Added note: *only* his injury history drops him here. He is otherwise a worthy pick at 24

Alternate picks for r2

CB Richard Marshall

LT Jonathan Scott

DT Rodrique Wright

Round 3


TE Anthony Fasano 6'5 255 4.75 NotreDame http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingr...honyfasano.html

Complete 3 down TE, good hands/height, smart, top intangibles

Added note: *perfect* for Bengals needs - productive but not flashy - unselfish, hard working

Alternate picks for r3

DE Eric Henderson

S Pat Watkins

LB Terna Nande

Round 4


DT Barry Cofield 6'4 304 4.94 Nortwestrn http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingr...rrycofield.html

Athletic w/good speed/quicks, powerful, durable, experienced, DE or DT, smart, good intangibles

Alternate picks for r4

DE Victor Adeyanju

DE Chris Gocong

RT Andrew Whitworth

S Roman Harper

Round 5


LB Jamar Williams 6'0 236 4.58 Arizona St http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingr...arwilliams.html

Smart, fast, hitter, very productive, high motor, experienced, leader, top intangibles

Alternate picks for r5

DB Will Blackmon

CB Marcus Maxey

OT Daryn Colledge

Round 6


WR Devin Aromashadu 6'2 201 4.35 Auburn http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingr...aromashodu.html

Athletic deep threat, good size/hands, great speed/quicks, good return man, productive

Alternate picks for r6

DE Jason Hatcher

TE Cooper Wallace

Round 7


QB Josh Betts 6'2 217 4.70 Miami OH http://www.nflfans.com/x/2006/showprospect...ey=Josh%20Betts

Good size, v intelligent, great arm strength and accuracy

DT John Jolly 6'4 310 5.10 Texas AM http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingr...ohnnyjolly.html

Good size, high power/motor/intensity, versatile, 3yr starter, leader

Alternate picks for r7

CB David Pittman

OG Cody Douglas

I'd love to have a way to research long snappers....ours is getting long in the tooth

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I agree with the first three, HOWEVER...

I don't think Allen will make it to us again in the 2nd round.

Only because if you use that same logic with Cromartie being a first round pick, why shouldn't Allen be?

He proved that he was healthy, much like Cromartie, and posted some impressive combine numbers.

Ultimately, Allen might get the nod over Cromartie because he has more game film on him.

I'm not a Buckeye homer, but damn, if we get a Safety tandem of Whitner and Williams (eventually), watch out!

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1: Kiwi is a JOKE, sorry. The guys was "stoned" the whole time during his All-Star Game. 9 of his 10 2005 sacks game against weak competition, he has NO MOVES AT ALL.

2: Allen will not be there at #55 (Neither Will Richard Marshall)

3: I can take Fas in 3, he's a great value in 3.

4: I think Colfield goes in 3. Good 4th rounders may be Kedric Golston and Johnny Jolly

5: No Comment

6: I like this pick. Houshmanzedah and Aromashadu,. thats awesome.

7: Not so sure we'll draft a QB, I won't object it to if it happens though.

7: Jolly will be gone by the 4th, no way he slips to the 7th. Tommy Jackson would be a good 7th round choice.

Also, you've taken 2 DTs in this draft, if we did that we would suddenly have a GLUT of DTs with 7/8 of them, we could focus our picks more on getting a stud DE or at least building up the depth behind Justin, Robert and Jonathan.

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I don't think Kiwi's entire grade should be based on 1 bad game, but it does concern me.

Well, let's say you make the following switches, each of which are listed as alternate picks

S Donte Whitner in 1

LT Jon Scott in 2

DEs Gocong or Adeyanju in 3 (although I think Cofield has the versatility to play DE as well)

We'll leave 4 through 7a as they are

CB Pittman in 7b

Like it better this way?

:sure: I really like the first three rounds, and I wouldn't mind replacing the third with another Dback or Dlineman

I just didn't want to come away without an impact TE, which meant IMHO a day 1 pick

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This draft would be fine by me. It's starting to look like Allen will be long gone before our second round pick though, but I could see Marshall being there. I think we will go for one of the many DTs that looks to be falling into the second. Fasano in the third would be excellent. I think another alternate pick here could be Klop, simply because either of the two is worthy of a third rounder in my mind. I'd love to land Terna Nande as well in the third. He hasn't been skyrocketing up the charts like I thought he might. Josh Betts in the seventh would be great as well. :sure:

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Well I didn't know a thing about Williams until I read the analysis in the link you provided. I'm usually not overly concerned with combine or pro-day statistics in the least, but nonetheless his are solid. I'm more impressed with the 4.4 short shuttle than the 4.6 40.

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Anyone else looked at the Auburn receiver, Devin Aromashadu?

I don't understand why his profile stated that he has average timed speed when his 40 time wa 4.35. He looks like a potential talent, but I don't like much the statements that he shies away from contact and doesn't like going over the middle. I wouldn't be a fan of a poor man's Todd Pinkston. Still, I only know as much about him as that profile has to say, so some of that could be inaccurate.

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