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Mock Draft I was in....

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A group of guys and I got together today and held our annual mock draft. 16 guys, each gets 2 teams. We draft all 7 rounds. I had the Bengals and here is who I ended up with. I think if the draft really shook out this way I'd be very happy!

1) Gabe Watson DT Michigan

2) Kelly Jennings CB Miami

3) Dominique Byrd TE USC

4) Pat Watkins S FSU

5) Jason Spitz OG Louisville

6) Dion Byrum CB Ohio

7) Paul McQuistan OT Weber State

feeedback welcome....

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There weren't any really good pass rushing DE's available when I picked. I'd rather take a very good CB or DT than a medicore DE. That was my theory.

Kelly Jennings is a top 5 CB in the draft and getting him in rd 2 is a steal. All 5 starting OL guys will be FA's next year. I picked 2 guys on the O Line to try and groom for next year.

I thought the draft worked out pretty well for me. 4 guys could be starters right away. DT CB S and TE were all adressed with impact players. Any good players after round 4 are gravy.

If you ever do one of these mocks you'll be surprised that some players go way to early and some guys drop way too late, you just gotta take what's available.

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I get what you are saying, but we also got three offenseive linemen last year in Kieft, Guycheck, and Wilkerson. Now while Wilkerson is coming off a big injury and didn't play last year, he was also a DOMINANT offensive lineman when he was healthy and he should come back strong. So, while I get what you are saying, the drafting of 2 OL would irritate me. One, fine... Two, pissed...


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feedback welcome....

Sure. No offense Billy, but post all wild ass guessing in the proper forum.


Sorry BillyBob if I came across a bit grumpy. My coffee hasn't kicked in yet. I should have said Mocks instead of wild assed guesses. Again I extend my apologies. :blush:

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