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Don't know why I thought of this...


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Wookie is my son. We started following the Zone at about the same time. He's change his name to COBengals ... or somethng like that lately .... but they are all the same guy.

The Zone is a great place to talk about The Reds and the Bengals. Living out of town, we don't have that many outlets. Sure you other guys can identify. :cheers:

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Okay f**kers. If you're going to go to all the trouble of starting a thread in a pathetic attempt at cheapshotting someone, you may want to let the cheapshottee know precisely which forum the cheapshotters cheapshotted him in! Got it? :angry:

Now..."Wisk" (Jimmy Broome) is indeed my younger brother. He still lives in Northern Kentucky.

Spain? I want to know who the hell told you about that! The F.B.I.'s officials within the Federal Witness Protection Program swore to me that no one would learn of the illegitimate love child created back in the late '70's when my Marine Corps Cobra Squadron deployed to a remote Air Force National Guard base in Texas.

One night after way too many margaritas, a young Air Force officer named 2nd Lt. George W. Bush and I made a "White Bread Sandwich" out of a young female African American Vietnam Veteran groupie named "Connie." Big deal you say? How about if I told you she's now goes by the name of "Condolezza Rice?"

Well to make a long story short so to speak, it's a good thing I called shotgun and went first, because when Dubya finally got his (very brief from what I understand) turn, her enthusiasm for our interservice "ménage-à-trois" suddenly went straight out the window! I never found out why due to losing my fight against the post coitial "sleepies." :blush:


So now the truth is there for all to see. Spain is the love child of the current American Executive Administration! You can also do the math from here as to his predisposition for use of illicit drugs. <_< There...are you happy now?

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