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Who will stay


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Don't count out drafting a safety. To do so is sheer idiocy. We still need at least one more quality safety on the roster, and a rookie is a good way to go. Jackson is a here and now thing, but honestly, if we can draft a Simpson, Huff, Blue, etc. in rounds one or two, he'll end up a backup by the end of the season.

Right now, we have one backup safety, and that's KK. The rest are junk.

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I think that Herring could be a good backup, but he will be gone.

I think that a safety will be drafted anywhere from round 2 to round 6.

I agree on both counts.

Safety or CB in the 2nd; DT or LB in the 3rd, depending on who we get in the 1st.

And rounds 4-7 should be wide open. I wouldn't be surprised to see a power RB or a speed WR get drafted. Especially if they're good for special teams.

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Out of the 3 named, i think it would be Herring only because i think he has the highest salary...if no good DT available i can see them drafting a S if 1 is there...

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