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gbn mock draft

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Man, wonder what :grass: or :crack: these people are on?!

That mock isn't as bad as the one I saw earlier this week...

They had us take Ernie Sims in the first, and the Thomas Howard in the second. Now I don't think we are that desperate for LB's.

I love going through some people's mocks. They have no idea what we need.

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Not ONLY would drafting a wideout in the first round be very odd, Holmes wouldn't even be a good fit. I assume whoever wrote that had Henry in mind, and if we were to replace him round one, Chad Jackson or Demetrius Williams would make more sense.

Demetrius Williams would be quite a reach IMO that early. I pray to God we don't draft a wideout until the second day, if that.

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IMO Demetrius Williams will turn out to be the most productive WR in this draft but after the Bengals signed Antonio Chatman, it's hard to think they'll draft high to their position of strength -- which is hands down their vertical passing attack.

Even if K-Dub gets signed by another team, they'd proly roll with their 2 aces, Chatman, Tab and maybe Broussard until Henry gets back. But a serious injury to either Chad or Housh early in the season and the Bengals will be lucky to be a .500 team at season's end.

GBN is just projecting that the Bengals will draft from a position of strength, which is plausible given the weight the passing attack has on the proficiency of the offense. Much more plausible than drafting a safety or a TE in not only a passing game that doesn't feature the TE but a gunslinging QB who wants to air it out to his wideout as much as possible.

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