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2006 Wonderlic Scores for QB

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Link below is to a site with the 2006 wonderlic scores for QB's. Omar Jacobs scored a 38...the same a Krenzel a couple of years earlier. Young was a 15, Marcus Vick even worse. Jacobs was #3 overall, ahead of Betts from Miami.

Just goes to show you that BG is the Harvard of the midwest! :lol:

FYI, Palmer scored a 26...not shabby, but not stellar either.


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Honest to goodness, if I sat my four kids down at the table and told them to fill in bubbles I think they would pull a 12 or so. What a joke that a guy like Vick can be a "student athlete."

By the way, Akili also bombed the test big time, but as I recall Steinberg had him tutored up for round 2.

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