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Hey Kimo therapy


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I love Cheapshotbastard fans, Im buying a ticket package this year. Maybe we should get to togther this year? I would love to meet up with you guys. Just to buy you a beer. So get all the steelers fans you can and we will tailgate before the game. It should be fun!

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If you wanna meet up then give me plenty of advance notice cuz I'm even further from the US than you are. I do go over there regularly on business. Maybe Riagogogoindanati would be interested as well cuz I know how much she loves Steeler fans. I also know that she digs me and she even said that she would be very willing to put a 'considerable' amount effort to try and convert me to a Bengal fan. :blush: Maybe some of that Spanish herb may be just the catalyst that we need. :P


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