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Would Lewis be comfortable with D. Johnson/Krentzel?


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Krenzel will be lucky to be on the roster next season. If the Bengals' were comfortable with him - they wouldn't be doing the exhaustive additional searching they are now, in addition to signing Doug Johnson.

And I'm fine with that.

Ramsey is just as good as any other option actually, yeah, would not want to give up a 4th rounder or trade for him, but he's got an arm, experience, and if Zampese could coach him up, he could be effective. He had absolutely nothing around him in DC when he did play. But he was really mistake prone.

I'm ok with Martin, Ramsey or even Collins actually, as backups or spot starters/carry overs.

You're just not going to get a flawless backup, otherwise they wouldn't be backups.

Edit: so much for the Ramsey comments

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I get the impression that they are between Martin and Griese. I think they like Griese better, but are trying to see if they can get him to sign on the cheap. If they can't then Martin will be fine. Then bring on Adams and Arrington. We drop Simmons and maybe JT and we can still aford to sign at least 2 of the OL.

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I would have to say no he isn't, because of the search he is doing....It is nice to have a QB(Carson) that other QB's respect enough to know, that this is not the place for them...

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