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Eh Guess Carson Palmer has changed


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Carson Palmer

QB | (6-5, 232, 4.8) | USC

By Pro Football Weekly

Notes: High school All-American who was hyped nearly as much as John Elway was coming out of high school. Started USC's last four regular-season games and its bowl game in 1998, completing 130-of-235 passes for 1,755 yards, seven touchdowns and six interceptions. Completed 39-53-490-3-0 in '99 but broke his right collarbone in Game Three and redshirted. Came back to start every game in 2000 and '01. Completed 228-415-2,914-16-18 in 2000 and 206-351-2,567-13-12 in '01. Completed 288-458-3,639-32-10 in '02 and won the Heisman Trophy. Completed 21-of-31-303-1-0 in USC's Orange Bowl victory over Iowa.

Positives: Great mechanics, good feet, size, arm and accuracy. Plays hurt. Has big, 10-inch hands. Started 32 games in four years, has lots of stats at a major school and played in some big games. Good athletic ability and touch. Made rare improvement and was highly productive. Played within offense. Has timing, touch and accuracy. Can sidestep the first move and drop the deep ball. Accurate on deep and seam routes. Is good on swing routes and plays within himself. Is better on the move and made large strides when he had the same coordinator two years in a row (Norm Chow). Has stretches when he seems to have pinpoint accuracy and the ability to pick up his secondary receiver.

Negatives: Lacks a quick arm like Elway or Mike Vick and has some windup and three-quarters arm delivery. Forces ball, making dumb mistakes at times. Doesn't have much personality or fire and is a marginal leader, who seems to lack the persona to attract teammates as followers. Average scrambler. Has short accuracy and is inconsistent on short-to-medium and long passes. Erratic, hot-and-cold player who lacks velocity on deep out. Does not have great instincts and intelligence or IQ. Streaky and loses poise and confidence. Can improve technique and accuracy. Slow reactor. Lacks field vision. Better in rhythm system. Ran a limited offense and loses accuracy when pressured, but he will throw away and take a sack. Good but not great arm. Has questionable mental toughness and is questionable at handling pressure. Tends to bird-dog his primary receiver.

Lacks persona to attrack teammates as followers now? I think not

Forces the ball:OK he still does that now and then but which QB doesn't when hes trying to win a game brady threw 4-5 ints in a game last year

personality:He has plenty he just has chad do all talking :P

Good but not great Arm:I'd say he has 2nd best arm in league afyer manning on those deep balls

Mental toughness:thought he did just fine on :P

:P ok bordem over hehe

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Good but not great arm? WTF? His arm is truly a rare thing, and he throws one of the nicest looking balls at the pro level ever, he can make any throw there is. If Palmer's arm is not "great," I'd sure as hell like to know whose is?

I'd also say any concern about a slow release (which he does not have) is negated by his velocity - can't say how many times I marvel at his ability to get a ball to a WR before a DB can barely react - it's fun to watch him do just that alone some times.

This is a good example of how bad scouts can kill you, not that he's off base on some things, but some major observations that are pretty far off, even during his college days.

I think it's also a testament to Zampese's work with him, I see improvement in Palmer regarding every negative mentioned above in just 3 seasons.

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Lacks a quick arm like Mike Vick

Thank God for that! The more differences between his arm and Vicks, the better! <_<

The guy who wrote this is a total dumba$$! I doubt he'd stand behind these words now! Writers...sheesh!

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This is a good example of how bad scouts can kill you, not that he's off base on some things, but some major observations that are pretty far off, even during his college days.

No kidding. This just in from the 1983 scouting combine, Dan Marino's hands are too small to throw the pro ball. He ended up staying in the league a few years regardless.

Scouts are idiots.

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Billy, we know that's what you dream about at night.

P.S. I think we all know that Carson has a better spiral and deep ball than Peyton. Peyton's throws, however accurate they may be, have a weird wobble to them, and plus, I don't like Peyton anymore now that he was such a vaj in the playoffs.

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