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Kimo Von KneeCapper

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Retaining him became an even bigger priority Tuesday when the Steelers lost 12-year veteran end Kimo von Oelhoffen to the New York Jets as a free agent. Keisel will now step into the starting job at right end for the Super Bowl champions, filling the void created by von Oelhoffen's departure.

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i dont want a cheap shot bastard reppin NY.......get the f**k outta here, I dont want him within 10,000 miles of me.

Laughing out loud.

While there is a slew of cheap shart artists that claim New York as home, let me just mention one of Pittsburgh's favorites -- Adam F. Graves.

The enterprising fellow looked like he was trying to chop down a tree when he slashed Mario Lemieux's hand in a 1992 playoff game.

Of course, that was a long time ago and there were some major differences between that cheap shot and Kimo's "cheap shot."

1. Mario Lemieux played with a broken hand (thanks Adam) and won the Conn Smythe on the way to winning the Stanley Cup.

2. Adam Graves was assessed a double minor penalty and was suspended. Kimo wasn't even flagged.

Hate to break it to you, but New York was founded by cheap shot artists (You know, the whole $40 worth of shiny beads/small pox blankets thing). This is something you'll need to get over.

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