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Who's the greatest BASEBALL PLAYER in your lifetime?


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Baseball- I would have to agree with Pete Rose with Cal Ripkin a close second.

Football- I'll go with Barry Sanders, he might not be the best but he was fun to watch.

Basketball- Jordan, please...

Are there other sports worth commenting on ???


Being the baseball forum, I meant baseball only. I'll edit the title.

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ive only been following baseball in the last 10 years or so... the best players i have ever seen are either griffy in his prime, pujols as a machine, and a-rod i dont get why yankees fan bitch about having one of the best players in baseball...

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I think I would have to agree with picking Pete Rose for the complete package. He exemplified how a ball player should play the game. I think he holds the record for participating in the most winning games in a career.

However if you look at pure statistics, Hank Aaron is near the top for me also. He is first in home runs, RBIs, total bases and extra base hits. He is second in At-bats, intentional walks, third in games played and hits and fourth in runs scored. All without a corked bat or a steroidal cream or injection. He was an All-Star every year between 1955 and 1975 and MVP in 1957. Plus he had the burden of breaking Babe Ruth's record. That's why it makes me sick to think of Bonds breaking Aaron's record. I hope it doesn't happen because he doesn't deserve it.

Unfortunately Aaron doesn't get the recognition he should because he played in Milwaukee and Atlanta and was overshadowed by some of his contemporaries like Ernie Banks, Frank Robinson, Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle. He also lacks the star power that Pete had in his time.

Guys in the recent era (since 1980) would be George Brett, Roger Clemens, Mike Schmidt, Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr. and Detek Jeter.

And I think before it is all said and done, Alex Rodriguez might own every hitting record there is.


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Ken Griffey Jr. and Roger Clemens

Best Pitcher: Pedro Martinez in his prime.

Best Hitter: Barry Bonds - Steroids & an a-hole, but still the best hitting eye I've ever seen.)

Most Valuable to His Team: Derek Jeter - The only Yankee I don't loathe.

Best Overall: I have no idea. Maybe Vlad Guerrero. Griffey Jr. was amazing before he was traded to the Reds. Pujols is getting there.

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That's why it makes me sick to think of Bonds breaking Aaron's record. I hope it doesn't happen because he doesn't deserve it.

Amen brother. Let's leave the doped up freak cheaters out of the record books! If you ain't achieving "au natural," (meaning without DRUGS) then you simply aren't achieving on your own! Hank Aaron will alway be the Home Run King, Pete Rose will always be the Hit King, and Barry Bonds will always be the Dope King!

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Please, Hank played 22 years, hit 50 more home runs than the babe, while he played 15 years. Now, go average that out. Hank was solid for a lot of years, specacular for some, and average for a lot of the end.

Someone look up the name Josh Gibson if you wanna talk homerun hitters. Supposedly hit more than 900 in the Negro leagues

Before the steroids Bonda had 400 home runs and 400 stolen bases,which by the way, no one had ever done, people just don't like him(including me)

Think about this. Before Pam Anderson got her titties the best job she could ever manage with her acting skills is the old "Tool Time girl" on Tool Time. She gets some new lips and tata's and she's extremely famous and ever man ogles over her. They don't care that there fake(me included)

That's how I feel about Bonds(in a non gay way, of course) I don't care if he took steroids, he got jealous and tried to keeep up(if ya can't beat em, join em). He could even make an argument that he was just protecting his livelyhood, just trying to save his job(or more likely, in my opinion, his legacy) MLB even seemed to make it OK with the embracement of McGwire and Sosa. Now I know that's not how we wanna see our superstars, but athletes are just people.

McGwire and Sosa saved baseball with their home run race :rolleyes: But cause peopel don't favor Bonds, doubt gets cast everywhere.

Major League baseball made a business decision to turn their collective head, then they divert your attention creating a witch hunt.

Don't hate Bonds, hate baseball. MLB allowed this, turned their head and all, to sell more tickets, and save their dwindling fan base. Now, all of the sudden they grow a conscious :lol:

You guys know the saying "Don't hate the playa, hate the game" Bonds did what he thought he had to do. Come on, Willie Mays was his Godfather. The man was chasing greatness, and he sacrificed his body to keep up in his livelyhood.

And I think MLB will attepmt to crucify him. As long as the focus remains on the players, MLB avoids the heat

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1) Pete Rose

2) Roger Clemens

3) Ken Griffey Jr.

4) Tony Gwynn

5) George Brett

I think these guys had the purest baseball talent and knowledge...

In another 10 years these are the names from the newest wave of players.

1) Albert Pujols

2) Vlad Guererro

3) Alex Rodriguez (god, I hated typing that!)

4) Miguel Cabrera

5) Manny Ramirez

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Man Roberto Clemete beat my Os by him self in 1971. He was good. Willie Mays played like no other. Rod C AREW was a hitting machine. But when I think of who I hated to see come and play my team in my era it would have been Pete Rose, he could beat you in so many ways.

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How do we know when Bonds started taking Roids?

From what I remember of him when he first started, as a defensive speedster in Pittsburgh, he did not light up any home-run numbers. I find Big Mac, Sosa, Bonds and any other enhancer user to be disrespectfull of the game and should be banned for life from playing or being in the HOF.

This attitude would completely change if they would let Rose into the HOF, but if betting on your team to win games is a banishable offense, than cheating to win games/individual awards should be also.

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In my life time

  • Ken Griffey Jr. (In his Prime)
  • Roger Clemens

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Pitcher J. Smoltz

Catcher J. Bench

1st base R. Carew

2nd base J. Morgan

SS L. Brock

3rd P. Rose

OF K. Griffey Jr.

OF F. Lynne

OF V. Guerrero

Lou Brock played outfield

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