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Grady or Adams


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I like how we are back at the 3-4 talk again.

I was under the impression that the coaching staff did not want to do it because they felt that had better knowledge of the 4-3.

I would like Ngata personally, his stock is dropping, but I read that the Browns said they were going to take him for sure if he fell to them.

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:blink: Does anyone know if these guys have the same agent because i thought it was odd that the Bengals were talking to both of them at the same time...if that is true maybe no bidding war between the 2, whoever was lowest....... congrats
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Sam Adams and Grady Jackson are both represented by Angelo Wright.

LaVar Arrington and Lawyer Milloy are both represented by the Poston Brothers.

Since the Bengals only announce visits AFTER they've happened (and obviously don't discuss on-going negotiations), and since Angelo Wright says neither Adams nor Jackson will be visiting anybody...

...there is no way to know if the Bengals are negotiating with either Adams or Jackson.

It is therefore absolutely ludicrous for Spain to suggest that Adams is demanding too much money...

...since the Bengals may not even be talking to the guy.

But then, logic and reality have never interfered with Spain's pronouncements in the past, so why should it start now.

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