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Whur CHad At?

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Hey hey. This isn't about UC.

Season ticket holder for X, and I was on the court tonight celebrating!!!

We went on a major run, actually

The First Team Ever To Win Four Games In Four Days Twice.

And now we Dance. I have no voice. I am soaked in sweat, and I spent about $300 bucks for this stuff. Great time. Great time.

Oh and by the way, Andy Kennedy has done a great job and Hicks is a Great player. Great player. I respect his game.

But we are Dancing!!!


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Cincy should be in. Their competing with only six scholarship players, with a friggin tight end coming off the bench. Kennedy is going to be a great coach, in most of the games I've watched I thought he's managed games better than Huggins ever did. Too bad he won't be offered the job. :(

Xavier without Finn and Thornton might be a short dance.

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Not trying to jack a thread, because I am just a fan of anything Cincinnati and Ohio, but you gotta be lovin the Buckeyes to. Its been a long time for them and it's good to see !!!


That's the team I'll be watching in the tournament. Who knows how far they could go this year, and with all the talent incoming next year, they could be dominant.

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