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Steve Fartfignewton!


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I've always like his energy level and 40 time :D

But, questioned his Wonderlic test score of 65 :lol:

But, clearly he is the missing piece of the Bengal's Super bowl run :sure:

Even if he didn't pan out, we could use him as "trade -bait" to move up to the top 10 position :blink::lmao::P

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Word is, he was arrested in a raid last night while stripping in a gay bar. The arresting officer stated he resisted arrest in the attempt to pull a hamster from his a$$. He was also brought up on charges for animal cruelty. This can't bode well !!!

I say we pass...


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I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be holding my own personal workout day tomorrow for several NFL teams. I can color in between the lines pretty good, I used to run track in high school and was a good street football player in my day. I was known as a third-down receiver. My QB and I perfected the one-step-turn-around pass pattern that was a guaranteed first down in a clutch situation, which was usually two firsts per series. Bill Walsh ain't got nothin' on me.

At this point I do not have an agent but I am trying to get Drew Rosenhaus to represent me. For some reason he won't return my calls.

Hopefully I will see you there.

I figure if Steve Farfromnuttin can get a chance, so can I.

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