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Exactly what i expected


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This came from sportsrumormill.com... supposedly this guy is an "insider" and knows a lot of things that are going on behind the scenes...

On to the information you desire to know. Much has occurred since my last post so I will start with fresh news and try and answer as many questions as possible. After speaking with Paul Brown Jr. this evening I believe I have a handle on the Bengals intentions. The recent release of Jeff Burris is a precursor of what is to come.

The recent reports that Cincinnati made an offer to Troy Vincent are indeed true. Cincinnati is awaiting a response from Vincent’s agent. Yet Troy is adament to drag his feet in hopes of receiving an offer from Carolina. Cincinnati mean while is freeing up cap money by releasing Burris and restructuring Willie Anderson’s contract.

I expect from talking with Paul for Cincinnati to end negotiations with Rodgers Beckett and Troy Vincent. They will choose the alternate direction and attempt to sign Bobby Taylor and Brock Marion shortly. They would love to have both of these players in Cincinnati by March for workouts. Taylor and Marion both have spoken with Lewis and made it known that Cincinnati is there first choice.

Marvin Lewis did speak with Warren Sapp recently but Lewis has relayed to Sapp that Cincinnati may be interested at a later date. I’d like to say I’m impressed with the moves this organization is making. Cincinnati fans should be excited for 2004.

I recently spent a few days with Al Davis. The Raiders interest in Corey Dillon is real and I expect a deal to be done soon. Oakland balked at Cincinnati’s original request for a 2nd round pick. Oakland countered with a 5th round pick in 2004 and a conditional 2005 pick. The delay in making a deal is on the conditions that must be met to determine the 2005 pick. This should be resolved soon as both teams are eager to complete a deal. Dillon for the record has stated he would be happy in Oakland. I will have a separate post concerning Oakland tomorrow.

Oakland has considered trading Charles Woodson as recent contract negotiations went no where. Woodson is commanding more money than Bailey making future talks bleak at best.

If this news is true then it's huge... just thought everyone would like to know about it...

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The 3 or 4 years we get out of Vincent , will be 10x more valuable than what Hawkins could give them , if he died and came back as Mel Blount .

Amen to that! But now we are running out of guys to get pissed at during the games. I guess that's a good thing though! :D

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Geoffy quotes Vincent's agent on bengals.com as saying that Troy will make up his mind "in the next day or two." He's currently having an "open dialogue" with Carolina, but has no offer. Translation: he's trying everything short of offering to play for free for the Panthers to play in carolina. I say let him.

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This guy's attitude is the exact opposite of Terrell Owens! I like it way better!

I don't think there's any comparision between Vncent and TO in terms of attitude (in other words, Vincent doesn't appear to be an all-American d*ckhead), but it's painfully obvious he'd rather be in Carolina. I would prefer the team sign people who want to be here, want to be part of what Marvin is building -- and there appear to be enough decent players like Brock marion who want exactly that, so let's drop Vincent and go get 'em.

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As a matter of fact.. Brock Marion and Bobby Taylor both said, that their first thought was to come and play for Marvin Lewis in Cincy'...

I'm seriously starting to lose interest in Vincent..... I don't like being bait.... to lure another team to the fishin' hole..

get used to it, it happens all the time in sports...and i hope we do the same exact gd thing with dillon.

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