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Look, I happen to think the notion of momentum when it comes to the NFL playoffs is a ton of hooey. I may be in the minority on that. The Scouts Inc. piece that buck linked lists that prominently as the reason that Scouts is picking the Steelers. It is the root of my disagreement with some on the defense thread. When it comes to the Colts this year and last, Eagles last year, Seahawks this year, Pats this year, etc. etc. etc. momentum doesn't seem to be an issue for people.

Why the double standard? Is it because the Bengals are young? Because of leftover Bungles bias? Because the Bengals have to do more to impress?

From where I sit, all 13-3 or 12-4 were going to do, given Denver's finish, was make people feel better. But that has no bearing on the outcome for next week. Lewis has long since sold me on each week being its own challenge. And Pittsburgh presents a unique challenge. But I don't seen any reason to fear that challenge any more or less than I did two weeks ago. The formula remains the same: Bengals need to get up early, and attempt to get those big turnovers that turn games. Not the best formula, but all the Bengals have to work with this year.

So, screw momentum. Just doesn't matter. What matters is who blocks better, tackles harder, and catches more balls next week. Simple. And the previous two weeks don't matter in that analysis, in my opinion. No more than if the Bengals had won those weeks.

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The defense is going to have to pull something out of their a$$es this week and the rest of the playoffs. You just get that sinking feeling watching this team, the offense is under a ton of pressure to be perfect and are tight (Palmer), and it's showing in their #'s now as well. When the turnovers don't come, they don't do well.

So confidence is important, I agree momentum isn't a big issue, if anything the Bengals' should have more of a chip on their shoulder now, than they would've with a win yesterday, ecspecially going against a Steelers' team that will want to atone for the last loss at their place.

We'll see how bad the Bengals' want it collectively I guess, and if they can play over their heads on defense.

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