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Ohalete Downgraded to Doubtful


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per the enquirer...Ratliff and Bauman may end up playing some safety...


Also notes that JJ will see some time as the 3rd down back thanks to his pass-catching skills. Hey, schweinart, ready for Jeremi "SUPERSTAR" Johnson? :lol:

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Was Bauman hurt last week? I would like to see more of him there. At this point prefer the cover safeties who aren't as likely to give up the big plays downfield like Ohalete has.

I could swear I saw Bauman three or four times last week on the slot, plus Ratliff playing safety deep. But Micthell seemed like he was on the field most of the time. One thing I like about Mitchell is that he finds ways to dodge blockers when he blitzes. Speed wise he's a liability in coverage IMO.

However the Bengals line up, I don't see the Lions posing a speed problem with either Vines or Mike Williams in the slot, but either Bauman or Keiwan vs. Mike Williams in the slot is a definite edge for the Lions because of height. I don't see any of the Lions WR getting behind the defense unless maybe Roy Williams if he lines up against James.

Once again, the Bengals may face a primary receiving threat at TE. Marcus Pollard has decent enough speed for his size to make it interesting if he tracks a LB down the seam. And on shorter routes one of the LBs is gonna have to make the tackle because I can't see either Keiwan or Bauman butting heads with Pollard with much luck.

Also notes that JJ will see some time as the 3rd down back thanks to his pass-catching skills. Hey, schweinart, ready for Jeremi "SUPERSTAR" Johnson? :lol:

The excitement is killing me. :rolleyes:

But I'll be hollering SUPERSTAR everytime JJ picks up the blitz or stops a D-lineman who breaks through.

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I am excited to see Jeremi play some RB. When I saw him in pre season he reminded me of IckeyWoods.

If any of you are old enough to remember when Ickey first started he wore # 31 and later changed to 30.

Jeremi started at RB at Indiana and ran for 931yds for a 5.1 yds per carry so, we know he can do it.

I have wondered why they have not used him more at RB especially on short yardage plays. I guess the Bengals have so many weapons its hard to get everybody action.

As for the S position Bauman starting is a big concern. I think everybody that gripes about Ohalete will be sending him a get well soon card. Not because Bauman is bad ,but because Ohalete is better than he gets credit for.

I am wondering why they aren't going with Anthony Mitchell and if Bauman cant cut it if they bring back Reggie Myles or Terrell Roberts.

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