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Best Sports Movies


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we just had this topic didnt we...

Sort of. It was more of a "best football" movie thread. This seems a little less specific. In that case I'll go with Richard Dreyfuss in "Let it Ride." It's all about horse racing, and tl_let_it_ride.gif

Oops! Different kind of rider!

Here's Dreyfuss:


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it looks too cheesy/typical.

theres alot of football movies i like


the program

varsity blues

longest yard

etc i know im missing a few


major leagues :)

that one where tom selleck is in the japan league

sandlot :)


bagger vance

happy gilmore


he got game

white men cant jump

and more i cant think of



mighty ducks heh

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Deep Throat !

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61* (Best Sports Movie Ever)

Field of Dreams

The Legend of Bagger Vance


I couldn't think of a fifth...there are too many that I like after those four to choose just one.

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Longest Yard


Remember The Titans

Friday Night Lights

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