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Sleepers... Who Do You Like ??

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So while there might be a handful of players you like in the later rounds, who's THAT player for you.
That "Must Have" the Bengals should target that is likely to make an impact early on in their career ??
I'm thinking 5th-7th rounds...

Devin Duvernay, WR, Texas- Obviously we've been talking about him here for a while, but I love what he brings.  Hope he's there later.

Colby Parkinson, TE, Stanford- A big red-zone target for Burrow to develop with.  I really am not sold on any of our TE's.

Trey Adams, OT, Washington- Oft-injured, but once thought to be a top end OT prospect.  Worth the risk in the later rounds for sure.

The player I want more than most though is: Justin Strnad, LB, Wake Forest

While Wake Forest isn't a football powerhouse, Strnad is 6'3, 235 and is considered to be prototypical in coverage.
He was the captain of the Wake Forest defense (see leader) but coming off a torn biceps in October of last season.
We lost some special teams players and he has also led his team in ST tackles as well.
I really like his game and think he could be a starter in the near future.  Here's a write up:

"He's built like a tall, puffed-up safety, but he also runs like one with the range to find play after play when he's kept clean. Strnad could have issues against downhill running attacks due to a lack of size and hand usage. He's an explosive athlete and aggressive striker, but big backs could wear him down on the pro level. He has the twitch and burst to roam from sideline to sideline and should play faster and more efficiently as his recognition improves. He's an ascending playmaker whose athleticism, third-down talent and special-teams ability could make him a middle-round selection as a 4-3 WILL or 3-4 ILB if his medicals check out."


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Lynn Bowden and Logan Stenburg.  

Bowden was forced into playing QB at Kentucky due to injury this past season.   They ran 90% of the time and a large portion of that fell on Bowden's shoulders.   SEC defenses couldn't really stop them.   Bowden would be a great X factor in an offense.   He's the type of pick that goes to the Steelers and torments you for a decade.

Logan Stenburg interior OL from Kentucky.  Same reasons.   Powerful inside blocker.   Had a productive Senior Bowl.   He might not qualify as sleeper but would be great at 65. 

Trey Adams the proverbial steal.   High end talent.   Some say could have gone 1st round a couple years ago but injuries have derailed his career. 



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Yeah, I have Logan Stenburg outside of the "sleeper" tag and it wouldn't surprise me to see him go higher than projections have pegged to this point.
I would love to add him to the interior of the o-line.  That would be stellar in my book.  Dude has an attitude and mean streak about playing the o-line.

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