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FC Cincinnati (MLS)


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There hasn’t been a topic in this forum in over a year, but I have to say that I am very excited to see the Cincinnati club playing pro soccer.

They start the season tomorrow night against Seattle. While expect many growing pains with the team, I’m still pumped for pro soccer.

I have played since I was 4 and even played on some Army teams along my time in service. Soccer bores some, but it is a passion of mine.


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I've watched most of their matches so far as for some reason they get shown live most weeks over here! Quite enjoyed it, the quality's not brilliant, but its nice to see some proper tackles going in without it being a free kick/booking like it is in the Premier League these days. Glad to see them doing well, may do a trip over to watch a game later in the season.....

As a side note, my club (QPR) had Emmanuel Ledesma as a youngster, was good to see him playing a couple weeks back, always thought he was a good player :)

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Just thought I'd give this a bump since the team has come on this year and is doing well.
They are sitting in 6th place, which would qualify them for the playoffs at this point.

My son and I went down to catch their match against the first place Philadelphia squad.
FCC pulled off a 3-1 win and the place was going crazy tonight.  Such a good time to catch matches there.

The stadium is clean, organized and has tons of food and drink options.
The Bengals could really take some of their ideas and implement them in PBS.
It's just such a cool vibe down there.

FC-513 !!!

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Bumping again.
FC Cincinnati is sitting tied for 5th at the moment, with the top 7 teams in the conference making the playoffs.
They have less than a handful of matches left for the season and should make it in.

This has been a really fun season and it's nice to see another pro team in this city making some noise.
It's a great time down at the stadium and will be rooting for them to do well.

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Kinda of bummed out that FC Cincinnati lost their match last night to Philadelphia 1-0, but that was a fun season.
This was a team that since entering the MLS, has finished dead last each season.
Fast forward to this season and they finish as the 5th seed, making the playoffs for the first time and won their first playoff match.
Hoping next season sees even more success for them and the city !!!

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