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College Football Thread

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Since there isn't much talk here about college football, I thought maybe lumping it all together when there is something to mention would be helpful....

That being said and being a die hard Buckeyes fan, while I am happy to see them ranked at #3, I don't think their defense is going to keep them there.
While they don't have anything super tough in front of them until the Michigan game, I'm leery about how they matchup with some of the other top 5 teams.

I think it's cool to see Texas back in the mix, which hasn't happened in quite some time as well.
Tom Herman (from Cincinnati) that was the Buckeyes OC for a while was a great hire for that program.

For those who watch the polls, the Cincinnati Bearcats also slid in at #25 as well.
Nice to see a local team making some noise. Luke Fickell (Buckeyes ties) has the Bearcats at 6-0 right now !!!
While I am a Xavier fan, I still root for the local teams to do well. 

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Buckeyes look like they have a great chance at the playoffs.  Tough to deal with Alabama right now.  Their games are such mismatches their own students aren’t even interested in going to games any more.  

This brings up a broader point : I think the lack of competitive balance in college football is starting to hurt it.  The playoff system didn’t fix it, in fact I think it exacerbated it.  If only a few teams have a realistic chance to win it all, the best talent is going only to those schools.  I’m a buckeye so my team seems to have come out on the good end, but if the whole league suffers, what good is it?

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