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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Fantasy 2018

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Question my parenting methods ??  Well let me tell you something....
Shit, who am I kidding ??  I question my methods daily it seems, but I sure do love being Dad !!!

Another thing to consider in his drafting a Steeler is that he's a Texans fan through and through.  His hatred of the Steelers does not rival our own.
Talk to him about the other teams in his division or the Cowboys ??  Yeah, the flame of anger is strong with that one !!!
At the age of 7, while in Indy to catch the Colts/Texans game, he was talking mess to the whole section.  LOUDLY....
Wasn't sure I was going to make it out of there in one piece at one point.  Hysterical.  Love that dude !!!

He gave me grief for passing on Amari Cooper when I didn't have a single WR and drafting Mixon.
Now he begging me for a trade daily.  He keeps sending me trade requests and I keep denying them.
Yes, I'm enjoying this just a little.  Hope poking fun at a now 12 year old doesn't come back in karma...

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He was born in San Antonio while I was still in the military on a teaching assignment at the Army Department of Combat Medical Training.

When he was old enough to think about being from Texas, he made the switch to being a Texans fan.
I always thought it was cool that he followed another team and have embraced it with him.
The Texans are now my #2 because of him.  I follow them quite closely these days.
We take trips to Indy once a year (coming up in 3 weeks) and down to Houston as well.

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2 hours ago, ArmyBengal said:

Talk about laying a week 1 egg !!!

First Fournette leaves in the 2nd quarter and doesn't return.
Then my WR's don't do a damn thing worth mentioning.
Then to put the nail in the coffin, my defense scores a massive -3 points.

Oh well, there's always next week !!!

I had Ben Roethlisberger as my QB.The dude was an interception machine!!

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I got off to a W - well happy with that  :grin:, smacking the Rads right in the Nads !!  

Now onto the Ranting Rodent - gonna make that sucka scream !!! :grin::grin::grin:

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36 minutes ago, ArmyBengal said:

Hoosier loses to the only team that scored more points than his team did.  Bad luck right there.

Billy starts off the season with a less than 2 point win, but a "W" nonetheless !!!

Many others did well in week one, to include my son, but I will have to go back to the drawing board.

I simply cannot believe my team beat the Skyline Chilis!!

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