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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Bengals @ Buccaneers Game Thread


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IIRC from my JoiseyCat days when I used to go to preseason games at the Meadowlands with my Jets fan friend, there were no beer sales at those games. Didn't seem to put a crimp in attendance or sales of other stuff. Once upon a time I would have been upset at not having beer at a game, but these days I couldn't afford the $9 horsewater anyhow. :)

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I still take my son to the games, but am constantly on point (so to speak) and aware of others around me.

Call it a situational awareness that I picked up in the military and won't ever let go of.

It's pretty heightened and I immediately steer my son in another direction if I feel the need. There have been cases where I just didn't feel right about a situation or people around me and I tossed him on my back to avoid anything silly happening. All that, I won't let the idiots keep my son and I from catching games every here and there.

I'm looking forward to taking him to the Monday Night game against the Broncos, although he doesn't know we are going yet.

For those of you with kids that might understand, the elf on the shelf will be delivering those to him one morning.

Always a cool thing to do.

Oh yeah, lawsuits. They tend to be more reactive than proactive and why I feel they won't curb alcohol more than they already do at this point.

Like I said, I would have zero issue with a complete ban of alcohol being sold at the games.

I'm curious how much revenue was lost when they stopped selling after the 3rd quarter as it is now ??

I would bet a lot of money is lost, but sales at the end of the third quarter probably doubled when they did.

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