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Is Florio the biggest douchenozzle out there?


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I go to that page because it's the best source for news, but his endless opining is annoying and a lot of times his opinions contradict themselves. That said, I do like the site for the content and occasionally, he's got a couple good one-liners in there that make me laugh.

I do kinda understand where he's coming from, though. The Bengals do have a history of playing down to competition. They've lost games in the last few years they had no business losing and they were clearly the better team....except for that particular game.

Personally, I don't care how big they win as long as they win. They might be missing Ced the next couple weeks and if it was going to happen this is the best time for it. They can rest him, they don't need to hurry him back. They still can have an effective running game with Scott, Leonard, and now LJ.

Florio just needs to stick to the facts and quit trying to do editorials.

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While his points might have the faint whiff of validity, what he's saying is that a team that could be 10-2 wouldn't be considered a good team should they win the next three games but not essentially blow those teams out in doing so. I mean, the guy is an idiot.

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Florio is an admitted Steelers fan. You see, it's ok that the Steelers only beat the Titans by 3 and the Lions by 8 points. The Steelers don't have to prove anything. Now, for the Bengals to be "for real", they have to blow weak teams out to "put the rest of the league on notice". Huh?

I'm pretty certain that by beating the teams they already have in the ways that they have proves they are "for real". It makes no difference if they win the next 3 games by 90 points or 3 points.

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Actually, Florio has copped to being a Vikings fan. As for his comments, meh. He doesn't say anything different than I've hear all season. Every week is some kind of test for Cincy, no matter what they did the previous Sunday. I expect the Bengals to beat the Raiders, but not by a lot, so be prepared for the doubters to return next week.

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While I'll take three 1-point victories in the next three games, I agree with Hoosier that there will be question marks swirling about how legit the Bengals are if they do decide to play down to the competition for more than one of them.

That said, haven't the Bengals proven enough? There are only 3 teams in the NFL with more wins than the Bengals. Let's look at their strength of schedule...

N.O. has played against teams with a combined .398 winning percentage (33-50).

Indy has played against teams with a combined .463 winning percentage (38-44).

Minnesota has played against teams with a combined .358 winning percentage (29-52).

The Bengals have played against teams with a combined .531 winning percentage (43-38)

Alright Florio. Your Vikings have had the good fortune to play against Detroit twice, Cleveland, and St.Louis for half of their wins. Impressive compared to the fact that the Bengals have only played 2 teams with a losing record (Cleveland and Chicago).

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Shouldn't the thread title read...."Is Florio STILL the biggest douchenozzle out there?"

About a month ago Florio made his first telephoned appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, and ater a few minutes of exchanged pleasantries Dan begins to ask Florio about a story he had written about Brett Farve. Specifically, what was the source of the rumor the article was based upon?

Wait for it.

Rather matter of factly Florio admits there was no source. In fact, there was no rumor. Just an idea that had occured to Florio that he had found interesting to weave into a "what if" scenario.

Patrick was amazed. "But....you can't DO that."

Florio quickly attempted to laugh it off, muttering something about how he'd done it for years and how his readers accept the style of his writings.

Patrick was even more amazed. "No, you can't do that. Not anymore. You're too big now. You've got too much to risk."

Florio jokes..."Yeah, that's what my new corporate partners keep telling me."

[[[nervous laughter]]]

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