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WDR must have taken their game up I-71... this game will be played in front of ghosts.

ESPN should be thankful. That's enough to get some people to watch this train wreck. Including me...for at least ten minutes anyway.

ha ha. Ray Lewis barking like a moron.

I'm telling you, this could be a record low for attendance at a MNF game.

Crowd noise not a problem for Flacco.

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What a terrible game so far. They are in the same class as the Raiders-Chiefs game.

The Ravens have regressed badly.

This team was in the AFC Championship game last year.

The offense just does not have a plan.

The Ravens have at least 3 yrs of this too. That D needs to be largely rebuilt - about 75% of it is old, s**t or gone after this yr. Couple that with a decent(ish) offense, one that isn't as impressive when not backed up by a stout D (therefore, how good was it really?) and yeah, they won't be steam-rolling us for a while yet.

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