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3rd Round #1: Michael Johnson


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How could the guy be projected as a first rounder before the season started? He never started more than one game in a season until his Senior year. The highest I had heard was a Second rounder based solely on his physical skills. Hopefully he can come in and be that third down edge rusher the Bengals so desperately need.

Anyone else surprised ESPN just spent over 5 minutes talking about the Bengals? I swear this draft is happening in Bizarro world.

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This is for sure the best DE on the board.

Johnson had 9 sacks last year,he is susposed to be not so good against the run, WHO CARES,we will coach him up !

If this guy only rushes the passer every 3rd down he could put monster sack totals.

Some guys had him in the 1st round.

Nice pick!

I am HAPPY with this one.

I did think that they would have taken Antoine Caldwell whith the pick ,he is the last good C, but he may be there at the botton of the rnd.

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Well, I did want a pure pass rusher added to the mix....so there's that. And the guy has more physical upside than anyone in the entire draft. But this guy is one of the first names mentioned whenever the subject of "looks like Tarzan/play like Jane" is mentioned....so there's that too.

Another "prove it to me" draftpick, but I'm not barking much because of where the guy was picked.

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3rd round is perfect for Michael johnson.

I did NOT like him as a 1st round pick -- but, I love him as a third round pick.

He can provide the situational pass rush with the best of the DEs. His problem was he took plays off and didn't seem very consistent.

But, now we can use him as a pass rusher on third downs and he knows that his job is to get to the QB -- and that he can do.

Freakish long arms, good speed, will make him a real plus for the Bengals.

I LOVE this draft -- so far.

P.S. DO NOT pay the kidnappers who have Mikee.

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