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Dilemma time


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Ok...it's showdown time. Who would you rather have running this organization? Mike Brown or Matt Millen, and why?

(This should be fun.)

Matt Millen....BY FAR. At least Millen actually had a plan to win in the NFL. It was a bad plan (we'll call it the select a wr in the first round every year plan), but at least he had one. Mike Brown's mission is to maximize profits. If he happens to win along the way (and history suggests he won't do that very often) that is o.k. too.

Throw Al Davis into the mix. He is insane, but at least he is desperate to get back to the Super Bowl. The only time SOP mentions Super Bowl the phrase is immediately followed by how much it costs to actually travel to the Super Bowl. Remember, the Ben-Gals had to actually raise money to travel to Miami. I swear to you, I would take just about anyone on earth.......except for maybe Steve Buscemi. He kind of freaks me out.....and what is up with those teeth?

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