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So much for an undefeated season


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I want to shake the hand of the man who decided to cut Big Willie and Rudi. Great decision, and it improved our team so much that we lost to the Ravens.

Flashback, didn't Palmer say he wasn't worried about the offense? Yea! Are you worried now?

Instead of worrying about names on the back of a jersey (Ochio no show), or how USC players hate OSU, they need to think about playing pro football.

Oh I forgot, we're saved! They signed Henry. No worries, we'll be in the playoffs. But then what am I thinking about? He's suspended for four games.

Enough with the negativity, the Def backs came to play today. Wasn't expecting that at all. Rivers was all over the field. Palmer almost had 100 yards of passing; he was 10-for-25 passing for 99 yards.

My sons pop warner team won this weekend!

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This team has been doomed from the end of 2005 and its just getting worse and worse with Marvin as coach. There are to many players on this team that plays for themselves instead of as a team, and Marvin seems to think thats ok. To many players want to jaw it out to the opposing team how about you do something then maybe you can jaw, so just shut up and play. Marvin didnt blow anything up this year didnt make this team any better in fact the things he blew up i think just came back and blew him in the ass. Ive to stop takin this team so serious its killin me lol so from here on out im not expecting anything from this team ill still follow them, but not like i have been until Marvin is gone and theres a real head coach here someone wont take this sh** from these players someone who will show this team what its like to play as a team and not me me me. Its just hard anymore to put your heart into a team that has no heart or emotions and can never seem to figure out a way to win, at least when Marvin first came here they were trying to figure out a way to win now it dosnt even seem like they are doing that anymore.

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