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Why is it always a race thing?


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Who cares what the mans race is? Just go and do your job!

Carey to be first black referee in Super Bowl

Associated Press

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Mike Carey will become the first black referee in Super Bowl history.

Carey, in his 18th year as an official, was notified by the NFL office this week that he had the assignment for the Feb. 3 game in Mesa, Ariz.

The officials at the Super Bowl are chosen on merit, with the highest ranked at each position getting the assignment. Carey, who in his private life runs a skiing accessories company, has been among the NFL's top crew chiefs for a decade and has been a Super Bowl alternate, but has never been the referee.

Black officials have been increasing in number over the years. This season there were 26 on the 17 crews, a single-season high.

Blacks also have been well-represented in the Super Bowl at other positions, starting with Burl Toler, a former player, who was involved of several of the early games.

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I oftne wonder when there will be no more "firsts".

The day Obama gets elected President.

So basically what you're saying is...Never.


I know this isn't the Current Events forum, but I see either him or John McCain as our next president.

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I just want to have my son see his first white half back to be elected to the probowl.

Oooh. That happening, or a black man winning the White House. I think the odds are your son will see Obama standing in the Oval Office long before he sees a white half back standing in Hawaii.

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Obama gets the presidency = I'll see you in Canada!

Why? Does he seem that bad? I'd take him over Hilary in a second.

Don't worry. Neither Obama or Hilary has a chance in hell. They're just your typical left wing extremists. As a Republican I love that fact that the democrats are going to nominate another radical. They just don't get it. And then instead of admitting that the country doesn't like their politics, they will try to blame it on the fact that America wasn't "ready" for a black or a woman as president.

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Serious question: Is the Polictical Correctness over the pond as bad/extreme as over here?

There's a lot of public resentment to groups such as the Black Policemans Federation whereasthere couldn't be a White Policemans Federation because that would be racist.

Each on each meritsshould be the way, but "positive" discrimination in one direction = "negative" discrimination in another direction = division/tension etc etc

Fisrt black this, first black that IS news, but small news, forgetable news, ...the media should look at the bigger picture

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