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The Buccaneers sign Keiwan Ratliff


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Hampty Hampts Out, Ratliff In

Published: November 12th, 2007

By Bucstats.com weblog

The Buccaneers released Chas Gessner today and signed Keiwan Ratliff (no link yet), who was with the Bengals before they released him in September.

As a cornerback, Ratliff has three interceptions in four years. As a punt returner, he is averaging 7.5 yards per return. I guess with Torrie Cox now on injured reserve, this move makes some sense since Cox was also a good returner as well as a decent fourth corner. But the fact that Ratliff sat around in free agency for a month and a half makes me think that he's not going to see a lot of time on defense. Between him and Micheal Spurlock, it seems like the Bucs are taking the "expendable crewman" approach to the return game and just putting nameless players out there to catch the ball and run like maniacs into oncoming traffic. Watch for these guys to wear red shirts regardless of where the Bucs play.


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Wow. When you sign a guy cut from the Bengals' secondary, where does that put your team?

hmm....loaded question, as the Pats signed Artrell Hawkins, aka Toast III...and Tory "double pump sucka" James.

I don't see either player listed on their current roster.

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Well, lets see... At least Ratliff didn't fumble punts... That's it, nothing else good to say...

If ever learns to run forward after catching the punt, he might be worth a d*mn !!!


yep, if you want a sure handed PR and exactly 2 yards every return - Keiwan's your man.

What a brillliant 2nd round pick by that crack Bengals' scouting staff. Almost as good as taking Artrell Hawkins over guys like Samari Rolle.

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