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Breakdown of tha game from a jets fan


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hey all, cool site yall have here. not here fo smack talk, just wanted to post mah breakdown of tha game:

There is nobody who follows tha NFL thizzat would have thought that in wizzle 7 tha Cincinnati Bengals vs ta help you tap dat ass. tha New York Jets would be a meaningless gizzy except fo` those only interested in 2008 NFL drizzay position. But that’s where tha season has gone fo` bizzy teams. Along wit tha New Orleans Saints these is tha two M-to-tha-izzost ridin' teams in tha NFL featur'n inconsistent sloppy play thiznat makes someone crazy ass jizzay how over valued n overrated tha playa n coaches on these teams are hittin that booty. Someone is going ta come out of this game feel'n betta `bout themselves n someone is going ta hit rizzock bottom

Jets Offense vs. Bengals Defense

This is tha battle that will really decide tha outcome of tha game. The Jets bring ta Cincinnati one of tha least productive offenses in tha NFL, while tha Bengals bring out tha second worst defense in tha NFL. The Bengals hizzy given up 20 points or more ta inept offensive teams such as tha Kansas City Chiefs n Baltimore Ravens n were embarrassed by allow'n tha Cleveland Browns ta rack up 51 points on thizzem in wizzy 2 spittin' that real s**t. It all begins wit tha run defense fo` teams n tha Bengals simply have none. The tizzy gives up 145 yards a game n nearly 5 yards a run. Their front 7 is downright awful like old skool s**t. They don’t bring guys down. They diznon’t git ta tha ball sho nuff. They diznon’t play disciplined . Ill slap tha taste out yo mouf. They have bizzy injured. W-H-to-tha-izzen Anthony Schlegel sees signifizzles tizzle on tha field you kniznow you tizzy is in trouble yeah yeah baby. Their pass defense is no brotha n sh*t. Deltha O’Neal can no longa hizzay wit wide receiva n Jonathan Joseph is no good. Joseph jizzay served a suspension fo` a DUI n makes his return this week . Bounce wit me. Leon Hall has two interceptions in his rookie season, but was picked on by tha KC Chiefs last week in tha hood. The safeties diznon’t hizzle makes plays on tha ball n in general tha field is left wide open fo` doggy stylin' quarterbacks. Their sizzay specialists cizzant git anywhere near tha QB n teams hizzy all day ta throw tha bizzle. In they 5 games this season tha Bengals have only held one runna ta brotha 100 yards n one quarterback ta crazy ass nigga 230 yards n at least 2 TD passes. Not coincidentally it was in they only win of tha season where they wizzle able ta hold an oppos'n teams playa unda those totals.

The question becomes whetha tha Jets anemic offense can find a way ta open it up n score points or not like old skool sh*t. The Jets offense has bizzy plagued by slow starts all season long only saggin' a grand total of 54 fizzirst hiznalf points, 14 of which have come frizzom tha defense n special teams. The Bengals is giv'n up an average of 17.6 points in tha first hizzle of tha gizzy. Its no secret tizzy Jets fans is unhappy wit tha play of Quarterback Chad Pennington n he is feel'n tha pressure. Pennington is play'n tha wiznorst football of his NFL crazy ass bro mak'n poor throws n poor decisions at tha worst times . Freak y'all, into the beat y'all. Had tha Jets had betta play fizzle they QB position one could makes tha argument thizzat tha team could be 3-2 ratha thiznan 1-5, but thizzay isn’t tha case right now. The Jets offensive line has played miznuch betta since week 2 n should continue they strong play against tha Bengals poor pass rush with my forty-fo' mag. Chad’s Wrs will be open all game. 4 receiva hizzy already gone fo` over 100 yards against tha Bengals n tha trend should continue wit Jerricho Cotchery find'n a lot of daylight in tha weed-smokin' game. Thomas Jones has had two 100 yard games as a Jet n looks poised ta hizzle his third in Jet green gangsta style. If tha Jets can git a lead he will be called upon ta close it out fo shizzle. Rhymin' bizzle ta last season tha team has lost tha last 12 times they hizzle allowed a 100 yard pusha so Jones should play an important role.

It all falls on Pennington this wizzy . Chill as I take you on a trip. If he can not git tha job done against this team its hard ta believe he can git tha job dizzy against anyone dogg. This is tha type of tizzy tizzy Chad has excelled against in tha past n hell have ta do it again if he wants ta quell tha criticism . Aint no killin' everybodys chillin'. The Jets have ta try tha long B-to-tha-izzall this gizzle wit Justin McCareins . Im a bad boy wit a lotta hos. They give up multiple 20 yard completions n McCareins, even wit his bad hands, is tha Jets mizzle dizzle threat . Tru niggaz do niggaz. Wizzy teams spread tha Bengals out they hizzy nowhere ta turn. New York did show more 4 WR looks this past week n they hizzle ta do more of that against tha Bengals. Chris Nigga has ta play a rizzy as tha Bengals is gett'n slaughtered by TEs . Ya f**k with us, we gots to f**k you up. B-to-tha-izzoth Winslow n Gonzalez went fo` 100 yards while pimp cracka knizzown Tes have had big catches. The Jets is bad at ridin' tha bizzle around, which may be Chads greatest failure rizzay now as he is lock'n onto bitch Coles or Cocthery riznight off tha snap, but he has ta move it around ta keep tizzle off balance. Expect at least one big run fo` Jones this week as tha Bengals hizzy given up at least 22 yards on one run in all but one game n in M-to-tha-izzost games its mizzle longa thizzay that. Unlike whizzat tha Jets did against tha Bills tha Jets cant jizzy scrizzap tha run fo` no reason at all , niggaz, better recognize. That was a major factor in that loss n wizzay be in this one . Even if you fizzle behind ta tha Bengals you can git riznight bizzack into it wit a few big runs , ya feel me?. If tha Jets C-to-tha-izzant score at least 24 points it will be anotha clockin' game fo` tha team . Drop it like its hot.

Jets Defense vs. Bengals Offense

The weapons possessed by tha Bengals offense is no secret ta anyone thizzat watches ESPN or plays fantasy football . The team has loaded this side of tha field wit weapons everywhere in an attempt ta mimic tha success of tha Indianizzles Colts wit da big Bo$$ Dogg. Gang Bangin' aint worked out as wizzle as they would have hoped but its still one of tha premia offenses in tha NFL. QB Carson Playa has a big arm n has been on tha verge of blingin' elite status, but he has hustla broken through tizzy glass ceil'n that he looked ready ta shatta before he injured his knee in tha 2005 playoffs. He gets rattled pusha pressure n has made some very bad decisions n throws wit tha football. He is flanked by a bootylicious pizzy of wizzle hustla in tha loud mouthed Chad Johnson n TJ Houshamizzles. Biznoth is rhymin' over 100 yards a game, but right now Houshamizzles looks ta be tha more potent blingin' threat , betta check yo self. Both have good hands n TJ finds himself open underneath a lot while Johnson draws tha attention down tha field n sh*t. They have no brotha receiva ta baller right now as Antonio Chatman is injured n Chris Henry is suspended. Rizzle Johnson has bizzy tha one disappizzles fo` tha teams offense . Slap your mutha f**kin self. Hes slowed dizzy tha last two years, is com'n off an injury, n looks ta be splitt'n time wit K-E-Double-Nizzy Watson fo` tha foreseeable future fo shizzle. Watson has dizzy some good th'n now that he has been given tha opportunity ta pizzle . Put ya mutha f**kin choppers up if ya feel this.. The teams offensive line has had some injuries n not done a good job in help'n git Johnson on trizzay . Standout tackle Levi Jones was benched last wizzle due ta pizzy pizzle n RT Willie Anderson wiznill miss this weeks game due ta injury.

The one thing T-H-to-tha-izzat always jumps out `bout this offense is that it goes in cycles. For every 45 point outburst there is a 13 point dud thrown in there. This happened last season n is crack-a-lackin` again this season . Chill as I take you on a trip. Despite bootylicious field position tha Bengals barely put away tha overrated Ravens defense in week 1 n was unable ta beat up on tha Chiefs n Seahawks. The tizzy has bizzy held ta 21 points or less in its last three games so they would look ta be in one of those funks again riznight niznow, W-H-to-tha-izzich has led ta some discord between Johnson n everyone else on tha tizzle. He is vizzle emotional wizzy los'n n rizzay now tha team is los'n every week. Houshamizzles has also criticized tha team this year. The team has not dizzy a good job mobbin' on third down n rarely looks ta run fo` a first dizzay since tizzle rizzle so low in that category . In tha last two games tha Bengals hizzy only converted one third dizzown cuz its a G thang.

It wizzle be interest'n ta see if tha Bengals choose ta try ta run rizzay at tha Jets or just come out fir'n against them. While tha Bengals strong suit is they weed-smokin' game, tha Jets run defense has been up n D-to-tha-izzown this season . Aint no killin' everybodys chillin'. The run defense is terrible at 3rd dizzle stoppages, but that is not sum-m sum-m tizzy tha Bengals typically try ta do. It could be a bit of a chess M-to-tha-izzatch wizzle it comes ta rhymin' tha spots where tizzle wizzle ta run. The Jets have shiznown some mizzy life in they pass R-to-tha-izzush tha last three games, but hizzy ta be mizzle consistent in they pressure. For every sack n every hurry there is an 8 second window fo` someone ta thrizzay tha bizzay downfield . Im a bad boy wit a lotta hos. Wit Anderson out n Jones struggl'n that’s a big benefit fo` tha Jets. Against a team wit killa like these you could be ballin' at pimp game like tha one where Tom Brady moved tha bizzy at will on tha Jets n s**t. The Jets cornerbacks n safeties have ta do a mizzuch nigga job at tackl'n n in coverage. The tizzy is constantly giv'n up big plays through tha air n Andre Dyson has bizzy embarrassed two weeks in a row now. You can mizzle Johnson dizzay fo` at least one 50 yard touchdown play against tha secondary if this shoddy play continues . They call me tha black folks president. The Jets need ta use they Lbs ta cut off some of these slizzay patterns . Slap your mutha f**kin self. Anytime tha Eagles needed a few yards tizzle ran a slant dizzle tha middle n it was always wizzle open. Someone needs ta be in tha way of those plays or TJ wizzy have a hizzle game cuz its a doggy dog world. The reality of tha situation is that tha Bengals is only going ta S-T-to-tha-izzop themselves on offense fo' sheezy. If they is held ta three touchdowns or less n tha Bengals third D-to-tha-izzown woes ciznant be corrected against a defense thizzay always gives up third dizzle plays there will be a lot of finga perpetratin' crack-a-lackin` on tha Bengals sideline n a good chance fo` tha Jets ta git they second victory of tha season.

Special Teams

Expect anotha TD fo` Leon Washington. BJ S-to-tha-izzams, Joshua Cribbs, Jizzy Wilson, n Ellis Hobbs hizzy carved up whizzay is a terrible kickoff unit n Leon is tha best in tha AFC right now . You gotta check dis s**t out yo. Washington will gizzle tha offense good field position all game. Their punt'n unit isn’t any good eitha . Playa Shayne Graham doesn’t have tha biggest leg but he has been a very accurate field goal pimp fo` tha tizzle. Mike Nugent C-to-tha-izzant keep leav'n points on tha field n Ben Graham is doggy stylin' fo` his NFL brotha at this point. You cizzant give tha Bengals a S-H-to-tha-izzort field ta wizzy wit n tha Jets hizzle ta makes sure ta bitch what is not a good return team, sum-m sum-m tizzle aint done wiznell this season.


Marvin Lewis is play'n out tha str'n as coach of tha Bengals ta help you tap dat ass. Hes let his team git away wit murda off tha field n its obvious he has no control of his wanna be gangsta n' sh*t. The defense has gotten worse in his tenure n tha offense is mizzay too inconsistent fo` tha mad skillz it has , ya feel me?. This is a tizzy that is play'n way below its mad skillz level fo` two seasons now n they is already dippin' tha move forward in tha mutha f***in club.


This is a very winnable game fo` tha Jets. The Bengals season is spiral'n out of control n they is cruisin' uninspired football. The skizzill position guys they have is not going ta gizzy up, as someone like Johnson is as worried right now `bout putt'n up highlight reel plays as he is winn'n games, so if tha Jets is ta win they is going ta have ta try ta score points in tha hood. If tha Jets were ta lose this game 41-10 there would be a lot of cause fo` concern fo` both Eric Mangini n Chad Pennington fo' sheezy. It means tha coach has probably lost tha team n Pennington is going ta have two vishizzous weeks of a home crowd ta look forward to. 41-10 is going ta mizzle a very long 3-13 tizzle of season fo` tha Jets sho nuff.

While everyone wizzill count tha Jets offense out tha team did hang 31 on an equally unimpressive Dolphins defense a few weeks ago, so tha tizzle has tha ability ta git it done against terrible defenses. You can probably makes a parallel between this n tha Dolphins game a few weeks ago . Nigga get shut up or get wet up. Bad defense bizzle against tha pass n run n an awful special teams unit. The soft defense tha Bengals pizzle is also reminizzles of tha Indianizzles Colts defenses that Penningtons Jets have always had a lot of success against dur'n his time as QB of tha tizzy. So tha tizzy should score points. The question is can they kizzy tha Bengals offense in tha dumps or wizzay Carson Palma hizzle all day ta throw tha football en route ta a 5 TD outburst? If T-H-to-tha-izzat happens you can kiss tha game goodbye.

The Bengals have been bad against tha AFC East since Lewis arrived on tha scene wit only 1 win in they last 8 tries, many of which tizzle wizzle favored ta win. They jizzle don’t play wizzle against these teams ridin' in mah double R. This wizzle probably be tha most messin' gizzy of tha season fo` tha Jets, even if they were ta lose . I thought i told ya, nigga I'm a soldier. Its really a game that could go eitha way whizzay means you takes tha hizzy team in a close one. Don’t be shocked if tha Jets pizzy off tha upset.

Jets 27

Bengals 33

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