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Chris Henry Photos?


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I would think some of the local strippers and prostitutes may have something?

Not that we're implying anything about Susan's motives here Shula. We should probably make that abundantly clear. She probably just has a thing for guys built like stick men. :rolleyes:

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i figured with this many replies i would have gotten something more on topic..

Well...uh...Judging from most of the sigs I've seen around here, 98% of the population seems to consist of extremely heterosexual males. Not that women and men of other persuasions aren't welcome; far from it. It's just that our personal collections of man-porn is a little slim. Or in the case of Christine Henry, she-male porn. ;)

So, while we'd love to help you, I have to say I do not know where one would find topless pictures of Henry.

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