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Okoye smokes the pot


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Pro Football Weekly reports that three consensus top-ten draft picks -- receiver Calvin Johnson, defensive end Gaines Adams, and defensive tackle Amobi Okoye -- admitted during their scouting combines interviews that they have used marijuana.

Adam Schefter of NFL Network also reports on the Okoye admission. Schefter obtained confirmation from Okoye's agent, Ian Greengross.

We reported on Tuesday that there were multiple players in the top ten who had admitted to smoking pot. The player to whom we were referring in our initial story on the matter was Johnson. We don't have the sufficient legal defense fund, however, to break a story of that ilk.

The PFW story says that the players have admitted to using marijuana. As to Johnson, we heard only that he admitted to experimenting with it.

The reaction to the news is mixed. League sources who contacted us regarding the issue on Tuesday took a ho-hum approach.

Johnson is the most surprising of the trio, and it's the only cloud (pun intended) over an otherwise spotless background. But it's still not enough to make him, in our view, anything other than the No. 1 prospect in the draft.

An obvious question that arises regarding this issue is whether the admission is enough to qualify a guy for inclusion in the league's substance-abuse program. The answer is: It depends.

Behavior can be enough, as Randy Moss almost found out in 2005. After admitting to smoking marijuana "once in a blue moon," Randy's handlers had to do some fancy verbal dancing to keep him out of the program.

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Part of me hopes Okoye doesn't slip that much, if at all, to remove the temptation of the Bengals taking him. I would love to have a player with his talent and potential, but I think the Bengals would be ridiculed for taking another player with a red flag, however minor Okoye's apparent admission seems.

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I don't think this will impact any of the players in the slightest.

Excatly, the way I see it if your smart/lucky enough to not get arrested for anything then there's no problem, the problem only arises when you get caught.

That is the problem I have with Henry, he's damn stupid to do illegal s**t without getting caught. Imo, if your going to engage in illegal behaviour atleast be smart enough to not get caught. The fact that Henry was getting busted repeatedly means to me that he's too damn stupid to even be a criminal.

From this day forward, Chris Henry shall be known as "Can't Get Right" because he can't even get being a thug right, he hopeless.

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I'm not surprised by this..Every year more kids smoke weed..They just think it's the cool thing to do.

How cool can it be when you see freaks like these blazing up every day!


Hell, even Kazkal's dorky cat in his signature wakes and bakes!


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