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What Do You Want to See?


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Hard to imagine when there has been a more heavily anticipated or important pre-season game in Bengals history. At any rate, in the spirit of the first two pre-season game's threads, here are my five for this week:

1. Carson. Nothing new here, everyone wants the same thing. I just want to see him back under center and get a sense that he is comfortable and will be able to progress back to being the all-world quarterback we saw last year.

2. Sam Adams. Cannot wait to see him get some work at DT and what the defense looks like with him in there. Even more excited that his return gives them a pretty damn nice defensive tackle rotation.

3. If O'Neal misses this one again (sounds like he might), wouldn't mind seeing Ratliff stop getting burned quite so badly on passes. He has not had a particularly good pre-season in coverage.

4. Pollack getting some good pressure off the edge. Nice to get him back, what's he going to bring?

5. Holes for Rudi to run through. Time to knock a little of the rust off the running game.

Obviously general health is always a hope.

Can't wait. This one is going to be hella interesting.

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Certainly want to see the 1st team defense not give up so many big plays with the starters in there, and show some ability to stop the opposition on long 3rd downs for once. Seems to be their bugaboo still. Might be tough if Deltha doesn't play.

Palmer to take a hit, complete some nice passes, and come out ok and looking close to his old self, and Rudi to get off the schnide and have the 1st team o-line to open some holes for him, for once.

I hope Dorsey makes it real tough for the coaches by having another big game.

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There's only two things I want to see tomorrow,

1. Carson throwing a deep one to CJ for a TD!

2. JJ making an interception & returning it for a TD!

Who Dey!!! :cheers:

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I hope Carson doesn't get hurt. I don't really care how well he does (not that I don't want to win) just don't want to see him re-injured.

I want to see Pollack and Big Sam in there mixing it up !!!

I hope Doresey gets some carries against the 1st string opposition so we can either confirm or deny his ability in this offense.

I'm just happy the game is nationally televised again. It's always nice to see home on TV !!!


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I want to see and hear the crowd stop the game with so much applause for Carson when he takes the field for his first snap.

I want to see Big Sam stone the packers running back at the line of scrimmage.

I want to see Rudi run 5 times in a row, ending with a TD plunge.

I want to see Pollack do something, anything.

I want to see A Brooks take someone's head off.

I want someone to steal the ball from Favre and run it into the endzone. We will call it the Gall Play.

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This game should freak people out all over the country. I can feel the goose blisters already. All systems are go now. :bengal:

Can't see Palmer playing more than a half if that despite the whole 3 quarters goal. Half this week and half next maybe if they plan to stick with the starters that long vs. Indy. It'd be more than good to see Rudi start geting some yards and slam hats with Hawk.

A Big Sam turned loose like a madman will be a sight to see. The goal on defense has to be to limit big plays unlike last week. I expect the defense to feed on the Palmer frenzy and wallop the Pack.

Time for another Super Bowl run to start. :cheers:

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What do I want to see ?

1. Palmer come out and on the first play run a play action to his left while bootleggin' to his right and hitting Chad Johnson across the middle for about 20 yards on the first play.

2. Everyone, and I do Mean EVERYONE come out healthy.

What do I expect to see ?

1. I expect to see Palmer go 12 of 15 for 130 yards and 2 tds.

2. I expect Rudi to run for about 30 yards + on 5 carries before giving way to the backups.

3. I expect the First team Defense to dominate against the Packers. The Energy in the stadium will be so electric there will be several victims of EXTREME static shock.


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The Energy in the stadium will be so electric there will be several victims of EXTREME static shock.


I sure hope every one who goes to PBS find this an apt occassion to holler their guts out like they never have before while Carson is in. This should be the sports story of the year so far. They can turn Barbarosa into glue now. :D

For all of the Bengals bashing over bad apples off the field, all the Turd Owens BS, all the Steelwhores Super Bowl miracle, all the other QB stuff like how about Daunte, Brees and what about Farvre retiring and Big Bozo's face.....It all goes away. Time for Palmer to take his rightful place on the national stage as the MVP of the NFL.

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1) Palmer crisp and healthy, preferably to 85 for a TD.

2) Steinbach (or other OL) knocking Hawk's block off and reminding him he's not playing Indiana and Northwestern anymore

3) Adams doing the same thing to a couple of the Pack's young OL.

4) Some tie-breaking performances at RB (Quincy, DeDe, Watson), WR(Brazell, KW, Chatman, McNeal), Safety (Busing, Kilmer, Daze-Jones), LB (Miller, Navies, Nicholson), DE (Fanene, Henderson, Rucker)

5) No injuries, no injuries, no injuries, no injuries

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1. Palmer knock off the rust with a few extended drives and a couple of hits.

2. Peko next to Adams. Would like to see what this young man can do against the ones.

3. Holes for Rudi.

4. JJ on the outside against the ones and Rat inside. Me thinks the slot is Rat's future where he can use his quickness and anticipation (reading between the lines, he ain't fast enough for the outside - see PWarrick pre injury on offense).

5. Linebackers filling holes and applying a bit o pressure on ol' man Favre.

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