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7 Round Bengals Mock


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The actual names aren't so important as their positions, as in other comparable players at the same positions will probably be available (i.e. Cromartie - Joseph , Byrd - Fasano)

1.) Antonio Cromartie CB Florida State: Provides depth and a player to groom behind James. A risky pick, but the guy has everything it takes to be a shutdown corner and suffered unfortunate injuries that he appears to have recovered from. Jimmy Williams could drop but he has even more question marks imho, especially regarding whether he can even play CB.

2.) Dominique Byrd TE USC: Playmaking TE the Bengals desperately need, blocking is a question (as it is for every other TE in the draft), but his solid build and explosiveness should allow him to develop quickly. I'd love to see Marcedes Lewis drop to here, but it's doubtful.

3.) Chris Gocong DE Cal-Poly: I'm not so enamored with the him, but his impressive workout numbers + dominance at 1-AA + the pro day and private workouts the Bengals scheduled with him make me believe that this is a guy Marvin is gonna target like he did with Ratliff or Perry. Might not push to start but could make an immediate impact as a situational pass rusher.

4.) Alan Zemaitis S Penn State: I am predicting a position change for Zemaitis, his workout numbers were less than stellar and he struggled at CB in the Senior Bowl practices, but it can't be denied that he is a good football player who can adapt quickly. Solid and muscular with a willingness to support the run, would provide a backup for Jackson next to Madieu and fit the bill as a safety who can cover and be interchangeable with either safety spot. Also look for Roman Harper if Zemaitis's stock doesn't drop as far as i predict.

5.) James Anderson OLB Virginia Tech: I'm hoping Anderson is here, the guy is really underrated and would be a great special teams contributor. Unfortunately a lot of NFL teams know it and he could go earlier. If that is the case Travis Williams from Auburn is a possible option, although his lack of size and weight makes me wonder if he could ever start to replace Simmons.

6.) Jimmy Martin T Virginia Tech: Depth along the O-line, this guy is very experienced and a good pass protector.

7.) Ingle Martin QB Furman: Palmer's injury makes QB a need even if we do sign a FA to start and Martin has good intangibles to work with.

7.) Naufahu Tahi FB BYU: Jeremi Johnson's talks with the 49ers make me worry and Tahi is a solid blocker, receiver, and runner. He reminds me of Johnson when he was drafted.

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Cromartie has become one of my round one options, and I'd love that pick. I think we can do better than Byrd at TE in the second. I rank Lewis, Fasano, and Klop all above him as far as guys who could be available there. I'd be happy with Gocong, but not with Zemaitis. I was never high on him. Beyond that, looks good aside from the fullback.

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After some thought I've made these adjustments:

1.) Donte Whitner CB/S Ohio State: Versatile DB to help at both S and CB.

2.) Joel Klopfenstein TE Colorado: Todd Heap / Heath Miller-esque TE who could help immediately in the redzone with his size and hands.

3.) Chris Gocong DE Cal-Poly

4.) Roman Harper S Alabama: Provides some depth we need at S.

5.) James Anderson LB Virginia Tech

6.) Jimmy Martin T Virginia Tech

7.) Ingle Martin QB Furman

7.) Quinn Sypniewski TE Colorado: Was overshadowed by Klop at CU and suffered from injuries through his career. Was never really able to shine but is huge (6'7 270), and a great blocker with good hands. Worth a shot with the last 7th round pick and could make an impact in the redzone both catching and blocking.

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Decent, but no DT. We still need to address the DT Situation dude

Absolutely, two TE's and no DT ??? Have to disagree, but everything else looks good to me...


Point taken but we have 5 DTs on the roster right now, 3 of which are being paid starter's money plus a promising Shaun Smith and a young DT in Askew who needs to prove something. The Bengals only have 3 TEs under contract, 2 of which are practice squad material (Ghent and Sanders). If anything I'd try to find another DE along with Gocong seeing as we only have 3 DEs under contract. Kiwi, Wimbley, and Lawson come to mind.

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I think defensive end is our biggest need right now. I'd love to see the Bengals grab a couple. There are a lot of solid DEs that will be around for the taking on the first day, and I am sure Marvin can find another Fanene-esque gem in the later rounds. In the first I hope to see either a DE, CB, or TE.

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