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  1. ...and if you love to roll your eyes repeatedly, the enquirer interview with Mike Brown is a must-read
  2. Not really on topic for 2018 discussion, but this is a great, great read: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/blogs/daugherty-blog/2018/01/19/guest-tml-who-dey-we-know-dont-we/1048060001/
  3. Much easier to find a quality ORT than OLT
  4. NFL Playoffs

    Scapegoated the OC whose squad put up 42 points wow If I am running the show, my concern is with the 45 points GIVEN UP, not the 42 scored. Complete flipflp of focus (or blame, if you prefer that)
  5. Potential Coaching Candidates

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/paul-alexander-dallas-cowboys-hire-new-offensive-line-coach-from-cincinnati-bengals/n9qkxj3oayra1d8v31docah9t The headline says they "stole" him from us If that was robbery, we need to get robbed more often :-)
  6. This guy seems like more of a ORT rather an a OLT We have needs at both OT spots but the need at OLT is imho far higher in priority Orlando Brown*, OT, Oklahoma Height: 6-8. Weight: 360. Projected 40 Time: 5.45. Projected Round (2018): 2-3. 1/6/18: Brown is a strong blocker at the point of attack, which is illustrated by him consistently tossing defenders to the ground. In pass protection, Brown has some athletic issues, like playing too high for the NFL, so speed rushers give him problems. Some team sources feel Brown should move inside to guard as a pro, but others believe that he will be a starting right tackle. Multiple team contacts think that Brown will be a second-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft and project him as a starting right tackle. Brown has drawn comparisons to D.J. Fluker coming out of Alabama, who was a high first-rounder but was a bust for the Chargers. Sources have said that Brown plays up or down to competition, and that could be seen with an excellent game against Ohio State but an ugly one versus Iowa State. Brown was not consistently dominant in the ground game even though he should have gotten the better of the collegiate linemen he was facing. 9/1/17: Brown has been a starting left tackle for Oklahoma, but for the NFL, he is more of a right tackle competitor. Brown was a tough run blocker for the Sooners in 2016, opening a lot of holes for their talented tandem of running backs. He spent 2015 and 2016 at left tackle, but he's too tall for that spot in the NFL. Brown could be a good right tackle candidate in his draft class.
  7. who do you see as the top OLT in the 2018 draft? I dont like Connor Williams at all, based on what I have seen and read of him so far
  8. First round: McGlinchley (or the ND guard, but OT - specifically OLT - strongly preferred) Second Round: Either a center or A 3-down middle linebacker Third Round: whichever position you didnt take from the two R2 choices Trade up using r4 or lower picks if there is an obviously superior player at one of these 3 positions to be had by trading up. Need to focus on quality, not quantity BPA strategy needs to be forgotten in r1-3, as we now need to acquire immediate starters from the first three players drafted
  9. NFL Playoffs

    Rather not see another Belicheats superbowl
  10. NFL Playoffs

    so bizzare to see Melvin and his 0 playoff wins get extended, Hue and his 1 total win remain at the helm, while Mularkey with a great season and a road playoff win (the first for the Titans in many years) gets canned. Just bizarre.
  11. NFL Playoffs

    How about we replace Lazor with Mularkey?
  12. Bengals

  13. NFL Playoffs

    Thank you thank you thank you Jags Happiest I have been on a Sunday in very long time. :-) Now, if this isn't asking too much.....please go beat the Belicheats now
  14. Potential Coaching Candidates

    this is OUTSTANDING news....had to laugh when I heard Dallas is interviewing Alexander