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  1. 2018 NFL draft R2 - pick 46

    so where's my bbq'd crow? lunchtime, ya'all getting a little hangry
  2. 2018 NFL draft R2 - pick 46

    no, just the crow, thank you :-) Bates may not be the frontrunner atm for DROY, but he's definitely part of the DROY conversation
  3. 2018 NFL draft R2 - pick 46

    so quoting myself from http://forums.bengalszone.com/topic/25884-2018-nfl-draft-r2-pick-46/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-453191 so, uhm uhhhhh yeah *cough* could someone cook up a big ole plate of crow for me? Lots of bbq sauce, hold the feathers, claws, and beak please I will wear a tee shirt proclaiming "Bates for DROY 2018" while I consume it
  4. Chiefs game flexed to SNF

    that was the game Chad guarenteed we'd win, and his bet was paid off by another receiver: Peter Warrick, with a long td reception and a punt return for a TD as well.
  5. Final Roster Discussion

    If anyone in the league knows what can be gotten out of Ereck Flowers, it'd have to be our current OL coach, who as the dallas OLC saw him twice a year for the last several years. So.....Ereck, anyone?
  6. Chiefs game flexed to SNF

    this is bad news for the good guys. we simply do better on Sunday at 1pm
  7. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    I think the Steelers are still in every Bengals head, except maybe Vontaze's This is absolutely an opportunity to make a statement: either we are the team we've always been, or we are the new bully in the AFC North. Doesnt matter if they win pretty or win ugly, anything but a win says we are the same team we've always been.
  8. Week 5 - Dolphins talk

    Great victory Thank you Browns! Marvin should send 12 racks of ribs and 9 bbq'd chickens from Montgomery Inn up to Cleveland's facility Really, really worried about how Cordy Glenn is regressing. I think he's our RT instead of LT next year Price cant get back soon enough
  9. Other NFL games.

    Was very happy to see the Rapistburgers lose. For now, we own the HtH tiebreaker over the Ravens
  10. Week 4 - Falcons talk

    No guarentees, agreed, ut a better chance of an impactful player on the OL (or any position) the earlier you select them
  11. Week 4 - Falcons talk

    I suspect they'd be trying Hopkins at RT if Price wasnt injured Just so we're clear, ya'all, I want OL in the first and second round again this next draft GIMME A LINEMAN!
  12. Week 4 - Falcons talk

    talk to the Browns..... Bengals win, Rapistburgers lose. great weekend.
  13. Week 3 - Panthers talk

    Just to be clear, I want another OT in next year's draft Yep, calling it already
  14. Depth Chart 2018

    I betcha a bazillion fake dollars that if Hart goes down, Fisher goes in for him, not Oogie
  15. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    I have a really good feeling about this one. I hope they spent most of this week working on improving the run game