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  1. Bengals @ Steelers chat/game thread.

    Well, Marvin press conferences are always 95% same, win or loss - we need to play better, correct mistakes, etc etc. Words come out of his mouth that pertain the football, but are devoid of any real meaning. He meets the latter of the law (his contact) that requires him to speak to the press. He violates the spirit of that law with every presser. Always. Well, hmm, except on a rare occasion when the interviewer is Lapham, but only when Lap is feeding him softballs Unless you're telling me that this latest presser is somehow different? Was it?
  2. Bengals @ Steelers chat/game thread.

    I think there are several other changes aside from change at HC that can matter, just as this offense has performed better after Zampese's departure. I am not supporting Marvin here (especially after the comments here back in the offseason that helped create the shit stream our boat is now in: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/marvin-lewis-says-offensive-line-is-not-a-concern/ ), rather, I am saying there are other incremental changes that can improve this team, such as replacement of the OL coach I would say that I think it is more likely than not, even with SoaG's well known loyalty to players and coaches past their prime, that Marvin is gone after this season, possibly even gone from the organization entirely, although I think it more likely he moves into the Personnel department in some capacity.
  3. Bengals @ Steelers chat/game thread.

    I get that the personnel folks picked those OLs, and that the OL coach continues to praise terrible OL (especially Jeffro) despite shortcomings that are obvious to the rest of the world. Yes, they too are to blame. That said, we need better linemen. Several of them. I dont think Boling is very good either, tho he appears to be the best of the Gawdawful 5. My point is - the 5 they have now are not working out, so go find new guys to take over. The new guys picked (even by this FO) simply cant be any worse that this rock bottom bunch we have now. I said at the beginning of this season that this team could be good if the OL improved to merely average. They are nowhere close to average. A really good defense is being wasted while this team faceplants week after week because of the inability of the OL to block even below average DLs
  4. Bengals @ Steelers chat/game thread.

    if there is anyone left who still thinks the main problem is Dalton, well, you're beyond help at this point GIMME A LINEMAN PLEASE
  5. Burfict invokes Trump tweet strategy, lol

    The blatant God-dell favoritism towards the Steelers continues, chapter 56: Mike Mitchel only gets fined (again)
  6. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    My view is very simple. My employer does not want me using my work day to express my views on politics, social injustice, inequality, etc etc. They are fine with me having such views, which I can express 1) on my own time *and* 2) in a manner where I dont associate my views with my company. NFL Players are employees, highly compensated ones, who should be doing the same. Free speech is all good and fine, no issue there, but demonstrations and expressions not related to one's work assignments (in this case, playing the game of football) should be handled on their own time. Period.
  7. Bye week blues thread.

    hopefully Mitchel gets suspended this week....but God-dell is a steelers fan, so probably just a token fine, as usual
  8. Bengals vs Bills 10/8/17

    Now if only we had a starting quality Olineman or two.....think where'd we be I still think Fisher will be fine in time, but I feel bad for Andy cause hes the one paying for that time for growth. Has to be an OL in R1 in 2018
  9. Jeremy Hill says Trade Me

    Can we get our two regulars who are counselors to offer their services to Jeremy to get his head set right?
  10. Is Andy Next?

    Could you do me a solid and explain that to Amphar?
  11. Revised Prognostications

    Hokie and Army: arent you guys counselors? Offer your services to Hill, he needs to get his confidence back
  12. Revised Prognostications

    lets go with a normal sized adult elephant, but to make things easier, let's say the elephant hasnt had a meal yet today.
  13. Jeremy Hill says Trade Me

    the guy needs three things 1) get some counseling. His problems on the field start (and mostly end) inside his cranium. Confidence needs to be regained. 2) Work on ball security fumble prevention. I mean, actually work on it. Hire a guy who is an experienced linebacker but out of the league right now to hit him with the intent to dislodge the ball, over and over and over. This probably cant be done during the season, so it'll have to be done after the season is over. 3) Come to the crystal-clear realization that he is not a scatback, not east and west get to the edge, but a north south power guy. He still thinks he is in college and can beat guys with his speed and moves. This aint college. If he does these things, he can be very productive for us
  14. Revised Prognostications

    If I could carry an elephant across the street, then all bets are off
  15. Jeremy Hill says Trade Me

    again - this is a made-up story. a lie. a work of fiction. Fact-challenged. devoid of truth. Might as well have been written by Gizzle or DontPushMe