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  1. 2020 Draft

    no linebackers til round 4 or later if we take burrow at 1
  2. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    The fact that he felt the need to say "I am a pretty good source" tells me all I'd need to know about this guy even if I wasnt already aware of what a lunkhead he was as a Bengals OL coach
  3. 2020 Draft

    I hope Lap is wrong, tho he is usually right 2nd and 3rd rd picks need to be both OL, with one of those specifically a ORT
  4. 2020 Draft

    If they select Burrow at 1 and then take anything BUT an OT with their r2 pick, I will be needing a new TV a few seconds later.
  5. AJ: If I get tagged I will sit out the offseason

    I dont think Green will sign an incentive-laden contract. He wants his last (likely his last) big guarenteed money. and Plenty of teams will line up to offer it to him
  6. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Two Carry Perry, what a great memory - not :-)
  7. 2020 Draft

    this is a pure hypothetical Lets say that Tua never got injured and finished the season just as strongly as he had played up to the point where he was (in reality) injured. Then lets say that we are offered overall pick 2 and a r2 plus a r3 pick this year or a r1 plus a r2 next year for our overall pick 1. In that hypothetical, would you make that trade, essentially knowing you will get a fully healthy Tua and other high value players instead of just Burrow?
  8. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    We can probably sign Sean Brewer to a much much less expensive contract than Burrow *evil grin*
  9. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    I'll send Giselle over when she's got the driveway finished here
  10. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    The question wasnt from me :-) I think we throw from shotgun so much because of our poor protection.....hopefully that'll improve in the coming years (itd be hard to get much worse)
  11. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Its done a lot on professional NFL teams I hope we get to be one again someday soon
  12. Giselle is over here pressure washing my driveway
  13. Time to begin the rebuild

    if they do this, they need (to protect said investment) the next two picks to be pass blocking OL, one of which needs to be a ORT
  14. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    no, it isnt by itself a deal killer for me but it is a concern
  15. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Does Burrow ever take a snap that ISN'T shotgun?