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  1. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

  2. 2022 NFL Draft

    well, yes and no, Mem There is the now and there is the future For the now, yes, gimme two high quality vets - an ORT and an interior OL - both of whom are expected to be above average starters at bare minimum. I wouldnt object to three, with the third being another interior guy For the future, we need to draft the long term solutions. Someone needs to block for Burrow 5 years from now, too Do we see Smith and Carman as long term solutions? I'm not saying they aren't, but I dont have any solid basis to say they are either, at least at this point If we do believe in them, I'd love the 2022 depth chart to look like this Jonah Carman Hopkins OG-FA ORT-FA Smith Spain OC-DP OG-DP Adeniji I like Adeniji a LOT better as a OT than a OG If Smith or Adeniji is markedly better at R or L, flip them I know Prince is starting now but I see him as the odd man out. Hopefully he earns s a comp pick. XSF will go as well. And Sutherland. I like Fred but the current coaching regime doesnt seem to agree, so he's gone as well. If Spain doesnt resign then that drafted OG-DP and/or OC-DP has to be the swing guard I want them to keep 10 OLs rostered plus a C/G and a OT on the PS I don't really see a spot for Hill, who hasnt shown much to date at all, except on the PS if even that. We'll see I have a sinking feeling that Hopkins is on the downside of his career, but thats just a feeling. Anyone got his PFF scores for the last 5-6 games?
  3. 2022 NFL Draft

  4. General AFC North thread

    whos that guy way in the back? He looks kinda familiar
  5. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    Are any of these projected FA OTs....R I G H T tackles? my top target in FA is a top10 (top15 at worst) ORT. an ORT not an OT not an OLT ORT btw.......Daniels was one of the three top Centers the year we wanted a center early Ragnow? Pro Bowl level. went one pick before us. Detroit specifically jumped ahead of us to get him. Price? Yeah, you know how that went Daniels? Starter level. Bengals bypassed him in favor of Price.
  6. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    the way I see it, Army, is that if the Niners were to win, the narrative doesnt change at all the narrative since 1988 is that the Niners own the Bengals in the Big Game 2 games or 3 games, doesnt matter, all the same On the other hand, with a win......the narrative changes, the demon is exorcised, and sweet sweet vengeance is exacted
  7. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    If we make it to the Superbowl, I'd like the opponent to be the Niners......another opportunity to exorcise another demon
  8. Chase, Hendrickson, Mixon Make Pro Bowl

    do they do a second team? I would think Reader, Chido, and Wilson would all merit second team consideration. and yes, I cant help but notice that the guys I wanted in r1 and r2 - Slater and Humphrey - are both on that list. How much better would protection be if we had Humphrey instead of Carman? But I can't really complain about this year's draft haul overall. Its already proven to be an excellent class with contributions from every single one of them (now including Shelvin) except for the injured Ossai, who looked/looks like he too is the real deal. Imagine Hendrickson with Ossai's help form the other side :-)
  9. right where Columbia Parkway and the Beechmont Levy meet up?
  10. where did you end up at, then? I thought you were a VA lifer
  11. well, in most cases a team that has fired a head coach is by definition a bit of a mess.....so someone who wants a shot at a head coaching gig generally has to step into a less than optimal situation I dont know enough about the Broncos situation to speak to those specifics, but they do seem to have a good D. Sportrac says they are in the 6th best shape cap-wise, so there's that as well https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cap/2022/ all that said, I'd agree that if I was him I'd want to stay for a Superbowl run with Burrow, but Im not him.......
  12. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    One specific complain I want to address - there were in my opinion far too many long pass routes called given how much pressure the Titans DL was generating on Burrow Trent Green specifically called this out at least once during the game If you're getting steady high pressure, get the ball out quickly on short (mostly) and intermediate (some) routes. Trust your three elite receivers to get YAC. I didnt see the TEs chipping much to help slow the ends before releasing into checkdown routes. Same concept. I hope to see a lot more focus in game plan for next week that accepts as a given that pressure is going to come against this OL Get the ball out quick.
  13. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    81? PFF is on crack Prince looked awful and whiffed massively on at least one play I remember. Adeniji on the other hand looked every bit of that 21 They have a hard decision to make this week....stick with Adeniji and his (got to be, at this point) wavering confidence or put Carman in If its me, I put Carman in, and give them about equal practice snaps at ORG during the week so both are more or less ready to go. Got to make sure OLG is backed up as well, so XSF should be getting all those 2nd team snaps. Honestly, tho, Spain has enough veteran savvy that hey could split the snaps evenly here too. XSF just needs snaps to get rust off to get back to his slighltly lower than average play level after all that time out injured. Not sure D'Ante Smith can be used for anything other than emergencies or jumbo package at this point. I'd activate XSF over him. MInd you, I like Smith a lot, but IMO he needs another offseason living in the weight rooms, adding another 5-10 pounds of muscle, watching film, and getting groomed.....preferrably as ORT or failing that as Swing Tackle. I'd love to see Jonah take him under his wing Really sad about the fall of the Big Johnson. Its like he doesnt exist, though I have seen him play solidly good football many times. My best guess is that there is a personality conflict going on.....and yeah, I get the value of the lockerroom chemistry on this team right now. If one guy has to take a hit for it, I get it, just wish it wasnt Fred
  14. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    I missed this as well He just looked like he was getting pushed around like an oversized beachball in every play where I watched him Credit where credit is due - good job, Shelvin :-)
  15. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    Mem, you ok big guy? B R E A T H E You can breathe now