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  1. 2021 NFL Draft

    Here are the OT in the top 100 from PFF: 2021 NFL Draft: PFF's Top 100 Big Board | NFL Draft | PFF
  2. 2021 NFL Draft

    A few quick notes - I keep reading that Leatherwood is probably moving inside...and some of the chattering heads say same for Slater. I have seen people all over the place on him - from "better than Sewell" to "he's going inside" - Solak at TDN put Sewell 4th in his latest mock and ahead of Sewell at 5. Got me.
  3. 2021 NFL Draft

    Until we get other T big board lists, here is the current TDN big board for tackles - I am trying to paste here everyone they have ranked in their top 253 (7 rounds)...
  4. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    I get that. I was looking to expand the conversation. I dropped the current TDN tackle rankings in the draft thread.
  5. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    Look at the top 10 tackles from the PFF list on the draft list, TJ, and tell me where your cutoff is for "he-won't-be-there-in-round 2". Then look at next three tackles and read up on them - any of them pique your interest for round 2 if Sewell is gone and the team stays put at 5 and gets Chase?
  6. 2020 NFL Playoffs Thread

    I want them out ASAP.
  7. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    Darrisaw, Cosmi and or Slater (assuming slater won’t have to go inside) are great targets in a trade down situation. Agreed. While you are at it, read up on the Oklahoma state T - Jenkins...
  8. Coaching changes on staff

    Not sure how much leverage Phillips has - I was pushing for him when ZT was hired and got pushback then from some that he was too old at that point. He’s 73 now. That’s getting up there.
  9. Coaching changes on staff

    TJ had the si.com piece stuck over on the general board for some reason, but it is now progessed to early word that Turner is one of three already told they will be out after the season. Thank god. Also Nick Eason and another defensive assistant. More changes likely too. Cincinnati Bengals Moving on From Multiple Coaches After Sunday's Season Finale - Sports Illustrated Cincinnati Bengals News, Analysis and More also, this is INTERESTING (this looks like Katie and Troy for sure - more evidence the old man has stepped back...):
  10. 2021 NFL Draft

    I really liked that one, frankly.
  11. 2021 NFL Draft

    TJ - gonna type out the above just for you. I traded back twice in first round amassing four extra picks and picked at 29 and it went down like this: Tevan Jenkins, T , Oklahoma state - 29 overall Carlos Basham, Edge, WakeForest - 37 overall A. Vera-Tucker , IOL, USC, 41 overall Elijah Moore, WR, ole miss, 65 overall Marvin Wilson, IDL, Florida state, 69 overall Daviyon Nixon, IDL, Iowa, 73 overall Ben Cleveland, IOL, Georgia, 104 overall, Patrick Jones II, Edge, Pitt, 130 overall Kary Vincent JR, CB, LSU, 146 overall TJ Carter, CB, memphis 185 overall CJ verdell, RB, Oregon, 228 overall Tarron Jackson, Edge, coastal Carolina, 230 overall Jalen Virgil, Wr, App State, 246 overall
  12. 2021 NFL Draft

    It wouldn’t let me attach a larger image. Will try again...nope.if you are on a phone you can enlarge it. Pity, you would have liked that one. skinner writing what I’ve been saying at any rate - except for Sewell part. You can’t pass on Sewell because ogbuehi sucked.
  13. 2021 NFL Draft

    Chase and Sewell gone in this PFF mock so I traded back twice in first round and then ended up hammering both sides of the line of scrimmage...
  14. Coaching changes on staff

    It looks like a fantastic hire actually.
  15. Coaching changes on staff

    He was there when Reader was at Clemson?
  16. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    Sure. Free agency. Two.
  17. 2021 NFL Draft

    Prob Price until Hopkins is back. Unless they find Creed Humphrey in round 2. I don't think they can fill in 3 o-line spots in FA, and C has to take a backseat to what I want at G and RT for the money I want them to spend. Pollack wanted Price, stood on the table for him - was the reason we reached for him - and Price is thrilled Pollack is back. So, hopefully Price can hold the fort.
  18. 2021 NFL Draft

    Get the two FA o-lineman I want and take BPA in round 1 - if that BPA is Chase or Smith, so be it. If that BPA is Sewell, so be it. But at least have filled in with two really good FA o-lineman. Otherwise this isn't gonna work. I don't care how good Sewell is - they can't expect to fix the line by just adding Sewell and expecting Pollack to work miracles with holdovers... My dream Sewell scenario is where he falls to us at 5 when he have signed a RT and G and Sewell's arrival kicks Jonah inside. In that case you have LT - Sewell LG Williams C RG (new guy) RT (new guy).
  19. 2021 NFL Draft

    Their most likely position to REACH is gonna be o-line. No reaching.
  20. 2021 NFL Draft

    We don’t need a slot receiver - we have Boyd. Draft is deep in slot receivers. WAY less deep in guys who can play outside (that is, backfill for AJ).
  21. 2021 NFL Draft

    You think Stefon Diggs is too small? Because - no, he isn’t. And chase is his size. C’mon now. tyreke hill too small? Was marvin Harrison? Was steve smith?
  22. 2021 NFL Draft

    PFF's big board: 2021 NFL Draft: PFF's Top 100 Big Board | NFL Draft | PFF
  23. 2021 NFL Draft

    You are over-thinking this TJ. He also said, get some linemen in FA and then Smith or Chase was what he wanted. Kinda like a lot of us on here. Runs off of doing FA right in terms of the line.
  24. Here's where we are at as the Bengals clearly demonstrate that they believe in what they have in house: LT - Jonah Williams (top OT taken in 2019 draft - age 22) Back-up Isaiah Prince age 22 LG - Michael Jordan (4th round 2019 draft - age 22) Back-up Billy Price and/or Alex Redmond C - Trey Hopkins Back-up (Billy Price) RG - Xavier Sua Fila (age 27 - FA from Dallas) - back-up Alex Redmond - NEW DRAFT PICK X-FACTOR - Adeniji RT - Bobby Hart age 25 - ( back-up Fred Johnson - age 22) - NEW DRAFT PICK X-FACTOR - Adeniji From the Bengals perspective, they clearly feel they heavily invested in the line last year with picks 1 and 4 used for Williams and Jordan - each of whom will be starting this year. They sorted out C, settling on Hopkins and rewarding him with a contract. They looked at right guard, kicked out John Miller, and selected Sua-Fila in FA - apparently very much valuing his ability to pull and his athleticism as compared to Miller. That leaves RT - I am not a Bobby Hart fan - and I know I am not alone. But he's...serviceable. If he were the back-up swing T, that would be fine. It really comes down to Fred Johnson for me - he's an absolute monster in terms of size with the measureables you want at RT. 6'7" - 34 inch arms - 325 pounds. He was very late to playing football, and is still very new to it, relatively. The Steelers were reportedly distraught to lose him to the Bengals. The Steelers are really good at identifying and developing tackle talent from late in drafts or undrafted (Villlanueva their latest success), so there's that. Johnson was quite good in the last six games last year - two of them starts. He's...interesting. And quite young. If he's a thing, that really helps. Jonah Williams better live up to his pedigree, or we are fucked. No reason to think he won't, but he better be good. Expecting improvement from Jordan in his second year is reasonable. Hopkins is solid. The Bengals coaches are betting on Sua-Fila -that's on them - they better be right. That leaves...RT. I suspect they think Johnson can beat out Hart. It would be good if he could. But there was nothing in the draft once Isaiah Wilson went 29 which was going to come in day 1 of camp (whenever that is) and win the RT battle. Maybe an argument could be made that someone in 3 would have been better than Sua-Fila but that would have meant passing on LB room yet again. Lapham would not stop talking about how short Josh Jones's arms are. That's apparently a real worry with him, so he may have been guard only - and even maybe limited there per Lap. I guess I am saying, if Jonah Williams is what is he supposed to be (and he better be at his draft position), if Jordan takes a step year two (which he should or they should cut him at the end of camp if it isn't clear he's spent the off-season getting ready physically), then it comes down to RT for me. Hopefully Fred Johnson is seizing his opportunity. The path to this team REALLY surprising may run through him.