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  1. 2020 Draft

    Not enough.
  2. 2020 Draft

  3. 2020 Draft

  4. 2020 Draft

    Easily pass upable. Totally would pass that up. Would pass it like a BMW vs. a Tercel on the Autobahn.
  5. Bengals take Burrow but .........

    Hobs has confirmation (and quotes from Ross) that Ross is indeed at the throwing camp and has had a session already with Burrow... https://www.bengals.com/news/big-willie-has-his-say-john-ross-burrows-into-workouts
  6. 2020 Draft

  7. New CBA Near?

    They expanded the playoffs in both 1978 and 1990 and the NFL world didn't end in either instance. Everyone got used to it pretty quickly. To the point where it was hard to remember what came before. Still less than half the teams make the playoffs under this proposal, and I like it putting a premium on teams trying for the #1 seed.
  8. New CBA Near?

    That’s what people said in 1978. And 1990.
  9. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    It was in his car. She performed the Cleveland handshake in his car.
  10. Bengals take Burrow but .........

    You can't read that, see the quotes from the Athens area people and how much it would mean to have Burrow close for this NFL career, read about how much Athens has meant to Burrow and how much he likes challenges, and reconcile that on any level with crap that PFT and others are throwing at the wall.
  11. Bengals take Burrow but .........

    I put this in the other Burrow thread on the draft section - but am placing it here too - probably Hobson's best ever work: https://www.bengals.com/news/the-roots-and-rising-of-joe-burrow
  12. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    As god is my witness, this is Geoff Hobson's best work ever. It's not even close. Well worth a read: https://www.bengals.com/news/the-roots-and-rising-of-joe-burrow
  13. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    To expound: I've genuinely never seen this kind of media driven agenda before to drive a player away from a team in the draft process. Washington is a dumpster fire inside a dumpster fire. Chase Young is supposed to be a generational talent. Can someone direct me to the articles that say that he should refuse to play for Dan Snyder? Detroit has a history of awful that is far worse than the Bengals. They wasted Barry Sanders for godssake. They are perennial disappointments. Where are the articles saying that Okudah should refuse to play for them? Miami as we all know has two decades of bad under their belt and their share of scandals and embarrassments in the interim. They literally tried to tank their way to #1 pick last year by selling off everything of value, where are the articles saying that Tua and Burrow should refuse to go there?If someone can explain to me those discrepancies with regard to the constant efforts to get Burrow to say he is holding out and refuses to play for Cincinnati, I would be grateful.
  14. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Hoosier - agreed, I have never seen anything like it. I’m gonna have to sit out a few rounds or I may lose my mind on Twitter, but I am positive there’s never been such a coordinated effort to keep a player from a team before.
  15. Bengals take Burrow but .........

    Let's put this here - the "offer you can't refuse" (supposedly) scenario...: Let's put some real world meat on a godfather type offer using 2017/18 as a guideline (the Mahomes draft):Mahomes went 10 overall, but, clearly, if that draft were done over he would have gone #1. He's a generational talent as it turns out.So, using the 2017 and 2018 drafts, here's the players that Browns hypothetically could have gotten if they had taken the following Dolphins-esque deal instead of selecting Mahomes in that timeline...(they took Myles Garrett in real life - still a cautionary tale re: passing up a QB to go DL re Chase Young as far as I am concerned): So, let's say the fake offer is..... Bengals get Miami's 2020 draft picks 5, 26, 39, 56, 70. (Miami keeps pick #18.) Bengals also get both of Miami's 2021 1st round picks...and one of the 2nd round picks. So that's 5, 26, 39, 56 and 70 from 2017 and let's call it #8 in 2018 (Mami's own version of 2021) and 24 and 56 (Miami via Houston's version of 2021). The question becomes, would you trade Mahomes for:Corey Davis (WR) #5 in 2017Takkarist McKinley (DE) #26 in 2017Marcus Maye (S) #39 in 2017Obi Malinfanwu (S) #56 in 2017 (swap in Dalvin Tomlinson at DT if you prefer for this exercise since they wouldn't take two S in the 2nd)Pat Elflein (C)#70 in 2017Roquan Smith (LB) #8 in 2018DJ Moore (WR) #24 in 2018Duke Dawson (CB) #56 in 2018For me, that underscores how much of a crapshoot the draft can be (which we all know, but, still). Now, the Bengals would obviously draft differently in a scenario where they knew they had those picks, but seeing who was available at comparable picks in the Mahomes draft and the following year is kind of instructive. I would rather roll the dice on Burrow than the alternative, based on his ceiling and potential impact on the organization and fanbase.
  16. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2876125-matt-millers-scouting-notebook-bengals-set-on-joe-burrow-so-whats-next
  17. Matt Miller: Yup, it's Burrow

    Most recent Ross Tucker pod is well worth a listen - he had Greg Cosell on and entire pod was discussion of Burrow, Tua and Herbert with some dalton talk as a bonus. Let’s just say after listening to that I am even more reticent about idea of trading back. Listen to it - but upshot is that even if Tua were healthy he says Burrow is qb1 easily, the comp is peak Brady, and the flags he raises over Herbert make me itchy if god forbid we traded back and took him.
  18. 2020 Draft

    <considers giving right pinky finger for that to come to pass>
  19. 2020 Draft

  20. Matt Miller: Yup, it's Burrow

    I don't think that is a thing that they can do anymore - not since slotting came in. At least, not more than a day or two ahead of time at most.