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  1. Fantasy 2020

    Worked for me last year. I think I replaced most of my original team.
  2. Bengals @ Eagles Pregame Chatter

    Insert Dumb and Dumber “so you’re saying there’s a chance” gif here.
  3. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Yup. We have been screaming this for years here, for all the good it does.
  4. Bengals @ Eagles Pregame Chatter

    Yeah, a little pressure would be nice. Maybe if Geno gets back...
  5. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Back on topic...look who’s back.
  6. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Looking at the schedule I see five games I’d give them a shot in: Eagles, Dolphins, Giants, Colts and Football Team. Say they go 3-2 there. Then maybe they pull out an upset or two. So 3-5 wins? 7 strikes me as the absolute best case for this squad right now. Agree that they should completely overall scouting and evaluation. But they won’t. Per football outsiders, Bengals are currently 10.9% likely to earn the first overall pick, just behind Carolina at 11%. Cincinnati currently has a 40.4% chance of picking in the top 5.
  7. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Well, $42 million of that spending on D is on IR right now, and the impact of Reader has been blunted by the loss of Geno. So that leaves Vonn Bell and some rookies. No real surprise the D looks unimproved.
  8. Eagles got blown out 37-19 by the Rams today to fall to 0-2. So one team ought to get their first win next Sunday...
  9. General Free Agency Thread

    Eifert sighting.
  10. General Free Agency Thread

    Driskel time in Denver!
  11. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Yeah, I’m not expecting a head coaching change. The soonest they’ve ever fired a coach in Bill Johnson and that was (0 and) five games into his third season. Even poor Dick LeBeau got a full three years. I agree, it would take like 0-1 wins for even the possibility to emerge and then I doubt they pull the trigger. And assuming Burrow doesn get killed they probably scrape together 3-4 wins the rest of the way. But 2021 will be make or break for Zac.
  12. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Just for reference (first 18 games): Bill Johnson 12-6 Marvin Lewis 9-9 Bruce Coslet 9-9 Forrest Gregg 8-10 Sam Wyche 8-10 Dick LeBeau 7-11 Paul Brown 6-12 Dave Shula 5-13 Homer Rice 5-13 Zac Taylor 2-16
  13. Auden Tate May Seek Trade

    Good job Taylor you jackass.