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  1. His best movie though has to be pulp fiction, love that movie
  2. Yea lets see how good the OC is with his new weapons on this team. That guy could hold them back!
  3. They need to do something in case the Ced experiment ends early again this year.
  4. So looking at this draft, the bengals screwed up big time in FA. They should have paid Whit and Zietler to stay, if they are going to draft the guys they did this weekend. I would feel so much better about this team, with those two guys here, and not paying guys like Laffel to stay. So all this talent on this team with an O-Line that can't protect worth a shit, or open up running holes will do our new stars no good! Disappointing FA Bengals I wish you would learn how to do that for once!
  5. Somebody who can kick touchbacks wow have not seen that in a long time
  6. They did don't you remember Andre Smith, in fact you might find him sitting next to Eifert, Ross, Dennard, you know all those guys that have boo boos!
  7. I have no followed the draft this year, but from everyone on Twitter it seems like the bengals are kicking ass this draft. I will wait to get my hopes up though, I thought they kicked ass in other drafts as well, and now we see it has not been that bad. Just think we have yet to see Billings on the field, and I'm excited to see him as well. Lots of exciting guys to watch.
  8. I think it's more of the refusing to see the problem, knowing they are paying them all this money not to sit around. They are afraid to say they made a mistake in there decisions, so now we live with it till there contract runs out. So depressing!
  9. That's what worries me about him as well. I'm just tired of having all this talent, but the talent sits in the bench because they are never healthy! Only hope he can stay healthy.
  10. While this is the truth and we as fans know that however the bengals must feel they have a good o-line considering they didn't do shit to fix it. We have been complaining about the center for how long, but they keep playing him year after year because they must see something in him. I don't expect this line to change anytime soon. All we can hope for now is a huge improvement from last year.
  11. This is Marvin Lewis we are talking about, they will be lucky if they see the field in 2 years.....oh wait maybe that's just for corner backs.
  12. That's what I said about Adam Jones, and last time I checked he is not any better. Only time will tell hopefully he gets his act together.
  13. Can't wait to see what he and Adam Jones can do in the offseason, what a duo!
  14. Ok just going by what Marvin was saying. Like I said I know nothing about these players this year. They showed his injury history, and I just keep thinking of all the players that could have been, but have not because of injury.