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  1. Is Andy Next?

    If these rumors are true then this team is really lost, and beyond football at that. If they all lost faith in Andy then no new OC will make a difference. What a shame this whole thing has become!
  2. Is Andy Next?

    I'm with you there if Kapernick would be signed I'm done as well.
  3. Is Andy Next?

    This is what happens when your team sucks, rumors start to fly! It also starts to pin fans against other fans, it's just never a good thing. Can people just let the bengals suck in peace, stop with these stupid rumors!
  4. Is Andy Next?

    If they think McCarron is a starter in this league then maybe it's something they need to see. However i think McCarron is just another Dalton. I really want a QB like this Derek Carr guy, wow he can sling a ball, and hit his receivers. His long ball is awesome.
  5. Is Andy Next?

    Andy is what he is anymore! He needs a lot of things to go right to have a good day. Like I said his best years as under Hue because he played to his strengths, not sure Zampese did that. I have no clue if this new OC can get something going with him but time will tell! You guys are right though he has misssd a couple throws that should have been TDs, and I have no clue why he missed them. I'm guessing he feels he needs to rush his passes. Still all this talent at WR and TE, and no TDs is just inexcusable, and embarrassing.Makes me sick knowing what this team could have been with a better coaching staff!
  6. Is Andy Next?

    Dalton is best when he has a coach that plays to his strengths. This team needs Hue Jackson back in the worst way. Hue got everything and more out of Andy.
  7. 15 seasons and no playoff wins.

    Well yea I still watch as well lol, guess what I'm saying is I don't let it effect my day anymore. If there are other things going on football is now second, where as before nothing could happen on my Sundays lol.
  8. 15 seasons and no playoff wins.

    See this is how it was for me last year, and even coming into this year. After that playoff loss a few years ago where the team lost itself, changes should have been made then! Hue Jackson should be the coach of this team after that. The fact they didn't do shit, turned me off from this team. Coming into this season they didn't do anything to improve from a crappy season the year before. They let go there 2 best o-lineman, and the heart of the offense in Whit. They replaced them with nobody, and didn't even bring anyone exciting in. So I ask where is the excitement coming into this season? We have been watching the shit year after year. At least a few years back we knew coming they had a great shot at the playoffs, now we know at the end they will be sitting at home. Hopefully this new OC brings some excitement back, but as of now I'm not seeing it. So maybe after this year, if they blow up this coaching staff the excitement of this team will be back. I will always be a bengals fan, but as of right now I hardly even watch the NFL. Mr Godell really turned me off to the NFL, to many teams get special privlages, while the bengals get screwed! When I see Vontez make a legal hit and get suspended, but yet the steelers make worse hits and just get fined, yea screw the NFL. Ok my rant is done
  9. Zampese just got fired

    Alexander has been here for like 25 years now, and your right is considered one of the best around. I remember Pat Kirwin on sirus NFL radio saying how great he is and is one of the best o-line coaches around. So makes me wonder what the hell has happened here, why the hell is the line so so bad.
  10. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Nope Boyd was a healthy scratch Marvin said after the game
  11. Zampese just got fired

    Good get rid of that stupid RB circus they got going on, it doesn't work!
  12. Zampese just got fired

    It had to happen, something had to happen. There is to much talent on offense for this to happen. Sure the o-line sucks, but can't even score 1 TD, yea something had to happen. If this is Marvins last year, might as well go out with a bang! Probably won't make much of a difference, unless they change things, like get more playmakers the ball, pick a damn RB and stick with them, not rotate RB after 3 runs, try something to fix the o-line like give Moobs a shot. Good for bengals for doing something though
  13. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Yup I hate the RB circus they have going on right now. I remember some RBs takes a little bit before they get going, these guys are not given enough chances. Stick with one RB while rotating when the other is tired. I hate this RB rotation.
  14. Texans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    So true
  15. Texans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    If they value AJ as a starter then yes it's soon time to see what he can do, if not then they need to start scouting rookie QBs. We have seen all we are going to see from Dalton, maybe he would be more with Hue as his coach, but not a Super Bowl QB.