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  1. Yes Hacksaw Ridge was an amazing movie. I just saw it and wanted to mention it hear, but I see others have watched it themselves. This movie really made you think, how did these guys go on with there lives, and not have nightmares every night. Really makes you appreciate these guys even more. I actually had to do some research on him, and it was a very interesting read. If anyone who watched this movie, should read about his life after the war it is very good.
  2. MJ used to be good, his play has declined so much. He just can't get pressure anymore like he once did.
  3. While this is not the big signing I hoped for, I do like Gilberry, and feel he is much better then MJ
  4. What a joke, sorry but a guy treats people like that and gets away with a slap on the hand is a joke! Whatever he will still be on this team, because he deserves more chances! What a role model for my young children!
  5. Reggie Nelson was probably one of the best moves they made, till they let him go. I watched this secondary last season make so many mistakes, there was no communication. Think they missed Reggie, I do believe they did!
  6. I don't even know who the hell he is. I think I'm honestly losing it. I mean at least he is 26, so he is at least younger then Dansby.
  7. Paul has been there for 24 years, that has to be the longest tenure coach on one team to date? Is he really that good that he is still here after that long? His wife and Mikes wife must be best friends or something!
  8. I listened to Pat Kirwin once who said Paul Alexander was one of the best o-line coaches he had ever met. I thought he was full of crap, but what the hell do I know lol.
  9. It's so bad when they let players walk away because they don't want to pay them, but in the end they bring the back anyways. Look at Gilberry last season!
  10. Start rebuilding lol, there was no need to have to rebuild if they were smart when signing there own players. They scrwed up so big this year, I think Marvin even knows what a screw up job he and this org has done. It really makes you just not even care anymore about what they do, or what they are thinking!
  11. Yup, we have seen some great players on and off the field leave this offseason, but yet Adam Jones is still here
  12. Yea I know who that is lol. I also know Conner Barwin. I just had to clue who that CB from the Pats was they were supposed to go after, or who this LB is.
  13. Man once again I have no clue who this guy is. I swear I once knew all the players in the NFL, and now I know nobody who the bengals are talking to.
  14. The whole bengals front office is a bunch of screw ups!
  15. The worst part of this, I have yet to hear them bring in anyone to help replace him. I can't believe the bengals are this stupid to believe there is a starting LT on this team. Yea is 8:00 AM and I'm still pissed off at this team. They screwed one of the best players this team had, and we as fans are not supposed to be pissed about it, yea F**k you bengals. Learn to run a f**king franchise and maybe you could have done more when the talent was on this team! So we lost the best coach on this team (Hue), and now we lost the 2 best o-linemen they had on the team, yea they suck!