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  1. Lol what a joke of a team. Keeps going back to, I'm just not excited about this team or what they are even doing anymore. I just don't think anyone there knows how to run an NFL team anymore, and it really sucks for us as fans to see this happen!
  2. Oh my, I hope they don't play Juilo Jones anytime soon
  3. Why the hell would they not use a franchise tag on one of there top guys. I really don't understand the whole money thing or things like that, but if you don't want to lose one of the guys why not tag him. Like Tag zeitler and sign Whit, or something like that? Im guessing because you would be paying Zeitler to much money up front for just one year?
  4. Oh but we're Burfict for each other. LOL what the hell!
  5. This thread is so sad, but so true lol!
  6. I feel like back before Marvin, sure I rooted for this team, but if they lost oh well no big deal. They bring Marvin in and things changed my mindset of this team went through the roof. It was back, my love for this team has returned. They went 8-8 it was so freaking fantastic, couldn't remember the last time they won 8 games. So for yours it was fantastic, I finally saw a team that competed, they were no longer the bungals! For 14 seasons I have put up with so many ups and downs with this team. Honestly I'm just drained! I'm tired of Marvin, I'm tired of Mike, I'm tired of there sorry excuse of free agency. I have tried for years to excited about free agency, for they only to sign nobody who will make a difference. Im back to the point where I'm going to root for this team to win like crazy on Sunday's, and if they lose oh well not the end of the world. Also how the hell is Paul Alexander here for 24 years! That is freaking crazy, I don't understand how these guys keep there jobs! Sorry Bengals you just don't excite me anymore! Make some changes, and I'll be excited about this team again
  7. Oh and I'm fucking sick of politics in sports anymore! I go on Twitter to get football news, and all I get is how much they hate Trump. I don't give a shit, give me sports news damnit!
  8. Yea it's amazing what one is paying for the ticket anymore just to see there game one day a week. I think I saw it's like 300 dollars or something, that is outrages. I cancelled my sports package with the Redzone because my cable bill alone is crazy high! It's amazing anymore what they charge just to watch TV! I enjoy it here as to why I keep coming back, but I've really stopped caring about sports in general. I used to love watching all sports, but I find myself watching more movies, or playing video games in my spare time.
  9. Well it's not really been years for me, really just started this year. It might be because my kids are getting older, my daughter hates football, my son is still to young to know what's going on, all he wants is Disney Junior lol. I really think it started last year during that playoff loss, when I watched Hill fumble away a win. A defense that couldn't stop themselves from being a bunch of idiots. At that point I realized Marvin has no control over this team, they will go nowhere under this guy. The offseason I didn't care what happened, but they didn't do shit to improve on either side of the ball, gave the OC job to a guy who has no clue, and they lost everyone who could of helped this team. For years now I have watched this team become NOTHING! It was fun watching them become something, as soon as that happened, it's like they just stopped. Nothing has changed, I feel like I'm watching the same team for 5 years make somewhere, but the results are still the same! So until something changes on this team, i don't see the excitement in it. Just maybe my mood will change, but I guess time will tell.
  10. Damn right, I think this year was the last year I'm spending 99 dollars on Game Pass. Not worth it anymore!
  11. Thank you
  12. Seriously where are you watching these
  13. Yup
  14. Damn for real? Where at I loved that cartoon growing up, almost as much as Thundercats!
  15. I think it would be funny to have to see Rodger Godell have to hand Tom Brady the trophy. My only hope is he punches him off the stage lol!