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  1. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    One of the hardest hitting bengals defensive games I’ve seen in recent memory, almost every d player suited up laid the wood. All clean enough to get no flags
  2. Bengals @ Broncos Game Thread

    It may have been Ced Os best game as a pro. God the bengals couldn’t run the ball with Walter Payton and Jim Brown taking turns with Barry Sanders the change of pace back
  3. Yeah that was a great waiver wire pick up. Steinbach was a good draft pick. As was Smith basically. Jones. Zeitler. Whit you know. Williams a great Fa pickup. They just suck at getting Cs and they let games be lost in hopes of trial and for development. Don’t see it with the guys we have now.
  4. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    I caught a game early in the year and Rex looked good. Caught another game a few weeks back but he didn’t get many chances. How’s his numbers looking?
  5. Andy Dalton's contract for 2018 and beyond

    Yeah I remember thinking that when Marvin came he would have us the top 5 in D every year and the O would somehow be just good enough for the championship. So close in 2005 but I had it backwards. The D sucked back then but could create turnovers for some bizarre reason. Probably because they we are missing assignments and god knows so they just tried to get the ball no matter what and hit the guy as hard as possible too. but a terrible defense overall. Its been 12 years about and I can see the defense has been the rock of this team for the last few years along with A.J. Green and Gio. Andys been good enough. Sometimes great. After his 4th year, I was done with him but he’s turned it around since then.
  6. Andy Dalton's contract for 2018 and beyond

    That was pretty hilarious stuff.
  7. I don’t know what the Bengals do with Ogbuehi. I guess he improved... like maybe 5 percent better ??? Idk. He was once again a major reason the Bengals lost to the Titans today. If he kicks inside to Lg or RG who the hell plays LT? Moobs? And can Oogie play G better than Boling, Hopkins or Johnson? Doubtful doubtful.
  8. Andy Dalton's contract for 2018 and beyond

    To get back on topic, there’s no one who can play with this line including Dalton. Doesn’t matter if you are drafting a new guy or promoting McCarron. just going to get the poor bastard Klinglerized.
  9. Andy Dalton's contract for 2018 and beyond

    Let’s imagine the impossible. Ogbuehi becomes average and Moobs resigns anchoring down RT (he’s only 30). Fisher may never play again but he wasn’t playing well, anyway. you still have to find a center and take your pick but either another LT within the first three rounds (in case Ogbuehi gets injured let’s say) or another interior player at RG. Hell, writing this, what’s to say Moobs doesn’t get injured? You need to consider a young talent at RT, too. Eric Winston isn’t the answer. personally, I think Ogbuehi is the biggest draft bust since Odell Thurman.
  10. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    The D sucks this year because the O puts them in unwinnable situations. How many 3 and Outs can you save your offense from in one game???
  11. Bengals @ Jags Game Thread

    That’s right. Mike Brown has said just as much without really saying it. He believes in his philosophy and he stays the course. He played QB at Dartmouth and is the son of a founding father so he’s going to do what he thinks is right. Katie is the same. Well, she didn’t play at Dartmouth but she’s indoctrinated.
  12. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    They lose. Probably lose by 10. Feel sorry for the defense. They are still worn out from playing 40plus minutes last week.
  13. Just not feeling it

    I like watching football even if it’s not the NFL. I can find great elements of football in almost any game. The bengals are my closest pro team. It sucks but when the bengals are at their worst, I see greatness in their opponent. It’s an evil curse.
  14. Is Andy Next?

    Oops forgot about Carson. I tie him with Boomer and put dalton next before Blake.