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  1. Week 3 - Panthers talk

    What’s the back story? He looked good in Seattle... injuries? Fumbles ?
  2. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    There must be a story behind he story of Westerman I agree
  3. Week 3 - Panthers talk

    Tra Carson and Mark Walton get their chance behind Gio
  4. Week 2 - Ravens Talk

    Eat it ESPN
  5. Week 2 - Ravens Talk

    Do it Amp!
  6. Week 2 - Ravens Talk

    It was his backup Clayton Fejdelehem — can’t spell his name
  7. Week 2 - Ravens Talk

    Lot of people maybe didn’t realize but Cedric Ogbuehi was listed as a game day inactive versus Indy for the season opener. That’s as equal to a death sentence as Mike Brown ever gave a first rounder.
  8. Week 2 - Ravens Talk

    Yes that is true and mind-blowing
  9. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    The nerves were apparent on offense the first half. They got hold of themeselves and pulled it together to win. We’ll see how they perform against the Ravens. I’m not very worried about the Bengals defense. It’s good enough to win even without Burfict.
  10. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    Splack! (Dentures fly across the breakfast table) Pumpkin! Who the hell is Geno Atkins!? 25 million ? Is there an extra zero? Get that good for nothin, greenie wild boy of yours Troy in here. And pick up my teeth will you Pumpkin Snoogles?
  11. Depth Chart 2018

    Fisher is first off the bench I guess as backup LT with Ced at backup RT... I said a special prayer for Bobby Hart not to go down
  12. Depth Chart 2018

    Week 1 Official Team Depth Chart https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/9/4/17812688/bengals-depth-chart-alex-redmond-to-start-at-right-guard-week-1-michael-johnson-remains-starter The Bengals.com website is updating but Cincyjungle has already put it together on their site.
  13. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    I think Peter King, in his interview with Andrew Luck, said Luck implied his shoulder may never be what it was. Luck said he didn’t know if he’d ever play again. I guess we’ll find out this year.
  14. Final Roster Discussion

    The Brown’s are eating too many special brownies
  15. Final Roster Discussion

    Interesting report from Field Yates: Source: new Browns DL Carl Davis had the most teams submit a waiver claim on him yesterday (4).The Browns, Redskins, Bengals and Chargers all submitted claims, with Cleveland getting the former Raven.