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  1. FWIW he said he was injured but... anyway... we need more. A lot more.
  2. Quenton Nelson

    I know Hobson has the team taking a S in his recent mock but that’s like painting the walls anew while the house is on fire. Nelson if he is there is great and the next pick has to be an OT. Cant get out of the top 3 rounds without addressing OT.
  3. NFL Playoffs

    Great point about the new NFL. So many people are saying Wow what an awesome Super Bowl! Well, yeah, it was competitive and down to the last second but neither defense had a chance because of the myriad new rules. It is what is now. On the flip side, it’s suppposed to make less injury to QBs and WRs... which means less running and more short and screen passes. I think they should take away the helmets and pads so when kids learn to play the game, they don’t spear or dive tackle. Oh yeah and HGH and whatever else the guys are being “tested for” needs to go away. Most of us played backyard football and we didn’t need helmets or HGH because we tackled the persons body with our body, like you see in rugby. Launching yourself should be illegal just like clotheslining someone is. Just my ideas.
  4. Yeah it’s a good sign to be getting coaches like Van Pelt and Jim Haslett (last year) and Frank Pollack. These guys can coach almost anywhere in the league but chose Mike Brown and Cincinnati. It’s a far cry from What was happening just before Marvin was hired on.
  5. The NfC guys give more credit to the argument that a team needs defense, teams, and decent running just as much as a top 5 QB.
  6. That’s a fact many people have forgotten.
  7. 2017 Reds Thread

    MLB isn’t fair. The Reds are a Farm team for a few big market teams. That’s why they keep no pitchers. They need to divide the MLB up like college sports so the Reds can atleast have a chance at competing.
  8. Btw, Rex Grossman made me laugh outloud... then I started crying at the unfairness of it all
  9. So all those guys made it to the SB which is as close you can get without winning it but I only consider 5 of them better than Andy “0-7“ Dalton. Looking at it from the NFC side, Mo Eggars question answers itself. great QB better chance. Game manager ... it can be done but the defense and running game have to be there.
  10. Ok I googled it. Palmer never made it... Farve was more than 15 years ago and so was Young... From 2002 - Brad Johnson, Jake Delhomme (how can I forget him? :) - , Mcnabb, Hasselback, Grossman, E. Manning, Warner, Brees, Rodgers, e. Manning again, kaepwick, Wilson back2back, Newton, Matt Ryan (duh already forgot him)...
  11. I’m trying to come up with NFC QBs... Rodgers, Brees, Newton, R.Wilson, Palmer?, Warner... Warner again..., Farve?, E. Manning, some QB for Tampa Bay with Gruden...Mcnabb w Eagles?, Young... anyway im not sure but I think there’s been a bunch of NFC QBs but only a few in the AFC
  12. NFL Playoffs

    The Vikings were utterly destroyed. So much for their defense.... meltdown! Jags lost two star defenders near the end. They put up a heck of a fight but couldn’t put up enough points to hold off Brady. Not sure if the Eagles are going to stop the Pats or not. Interesting matchup for the Lombardi.
  13. NFL Playoffs

    All but two games in the playoffs have been exciting. That’s more than usual seems to me
  14. Bengals

    Nice to have you!
  15. NFL Playoffs

    Yes long and hard. The Jags are my new upandcomer fav team to root for now. The took it to Pitt in Shitsburgh. That team will always have a place in my heart. FWIW I counted several Stealer patented cheap shots and cheats but atleast the Jags held their own.