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  1. 2021 Final Roster Thread

    Andre Smith has had a LONG career. He may not be everyone’s all-pro pick but the guy has stayed around.
  2. Camp Stuff ahead of Pre-season Game 3

    Here’s a “report”... ( maybe just someone trying to make money off a name-smear stunt ) whatever it is, it is definitely proof there is a price to pay for fame https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2021/08/jamarr-chase-domestic-violence/
  3. The Knee

    I guess Brandon Wilson is still around. He may be the longest tenured defender and a Marvin hold over. Bates is still really young and on first contract.
  4. The Knee

    The fungus in the pudding was Jim Turner. Lot of guys on the line left. Anarumo hasn’t won over many, if any, of the vets on D... well... actually they are all gone. No one to win over now so here’s to this season!
  5. Post-Draft/UDFA Thread

    In the Yearrrrrrrr Two Thousssssssand
  6. Round 4 Pick 2/3: Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU

    I like Tupou . Looking forward to his return
  7. Round 7 Pick: Wyatt Hubert, DE, Kansas State

    That enthusiasm and confidence with the Wolves of Wallstreet chest thump makes you happy to have a guy on your team who obviously wants to play football for the Bengals. He isn’t a blue chipper but he’ll bring a lot of heart and make others on the team play hard to beat him out of his position. Should note that the Bengals must love the senior bowl. They pick guys every year from it it seems
  8. Round 4 Pick 2/3: Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU

    I hope Wren can come back. Sometimes you just need the biggest strongest baddest dude
  9. Round 6 Pick 2/2: Chris Evans, RB, Michigan

    That’s his real value right now for them
  10. Round 2 Pick: Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson

    If Anderson goes in , you have to put Corey Dillon in. Look up Coreys numbers versus Jerome Bettis and Terrell Davis
  11. Round 2 Pick: Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson

  12. Round 2 Pick: Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson

    This is very true and painful too. Hopkins is a stud , a little Richie Braham
  13. Round 2 Pick: Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson

    Belicheck really wanted that DT ... reminded me of when bengals went up for Bodine.
  14. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    Not Nugent but Huber. I like your breakdown. I think Ossai should have been an Oline pick and not def line . The rest of the draft I am still wondering if it deserves an A or B. There’s been so much roster turnover the last 3 years makes the tea leaves harder to see
  15. Round 4 Pick 2/3: Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU

    The NFL is all about relationships. Coyle coaching at LSU , Big Willie training Cameron... it’s why Joe burrow. like tom Brady, is going to make Cincy a PLCs to be. He attracts talent like Rief and Chase wearing orang black and white shoes to the draft.