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  1. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    I'll be amazed if we win more than 4 all year. The coaching is appalling, pointless having "all this talent" when the play calling is so poor, if we can guess whats coming you can guarantee any nfl coach can!! When was the last time we made good/positive half time adjustments?
  2. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    Zac will be able to tell everyone how close this was, scoreline flattered us
  3. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    One missed tackle away from a interesting finish :(
  4. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    Its the hope that kills you.....
  5. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    Sadly, this is still an awful team, nothing really ever changes, only positive is we have a good kicker now....... ffs
  6. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    At least the happy clappers will stop with the playoffs talk now
  7. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    Apple gonna be picked on all day again
  8. Who's up for a nice tie then?!!!
  9. Can only assume we're playing for draft position again....
  10. Not closing games out is what will lose Taylor his job
  11. Drew Sample showing his second round calibre again
  12. I see tackling practice wasn't a priority in the off season again
  13. Good to see Zac has them up for this and fast out the blocks.....
  14. 2020 NFL Playoffs Thread

    I still find it infuriating that a 7-9 team makes the playoffs..... Thought Buffalo looked good, but Rivers nearly dragged the Colts over the line, they'll have to be back to their best against the Chiefs. Bucs look good, but with that lot brought in last season you'd have to expect it. Football team hung around longer than expected to be fair! Rams Defence looked good, feel for Dunlop, but pleased for Whit. Browns v Steelers is horrible, hate the idea of Cleveland being better than us but they've rebuilt really well in the last couple years and brought in some free agents we could only dream of, so ill take them over the Steelers, but to then get destroyed next week..... Have fun watching :)
  15. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    Bengals highlight today is a punt.... Kinda sums up the season really!!!
  16. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    Germane Pratt....... might be an idea to shut the fuck up from now on.....
  17. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    If more than 10 of this squad return next year I'll be disappointed lol!!
  18. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    Well, they did what they could to get it to Aj for the td....... jeez
  19. Bengals @ Texans Game Thread

    I hate this team!!!!
  20. All these years.....

    Of staying up til stupid-o-clock in the morning to watch us humiliated in prime time games...... Was on at 05:00 today so had to skip it.... absolutley gutted!!!! Hope everyone had a great night and even better day if you have to work with Steeler fan or have the misfortune to have any of them as relatives!!! Anyway, Merry Christmas to you all, and wishing you a healthy and winning 2021 ;) Jon :)
  21. Cowboys @ Bengals Game Thread

    Pleased for Dalton. Couldn't give a shit about the rest of them, unfortunately :(
  22. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    The NFL is an absolute joke