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  1. I wouldn' trust either of them to get it right!!! My point was more of letting him walk away and getting nothing in return instead of trading him when they had numerous chances to
  2. Front office getting exactly what they deserve with the McCarron saga. I didn't think he was any beyyer than Dalton, but with the right team with proper coaching he may end up a starter. And he's certainly got a better chance of winning a playoff game now........
  3. NFL Playoffs

    Well done Philly, I wonder if we'll follow their model for success.......... Will we fxxk
  4. Bengals

    Welcome Mike, good to have you onboard :)
  5. NFL Playoffs

    I've just watched the Vikings game......WOW!!!!
  6. NFL Playoffs

    Would make a nice bloody change!!!
  7. NFL Playoffs

    Thank you Jags :) a big cat victory in Pittsburgh
  8. NFL Playoffs

  9. NFL Playoffs

    That helped though!!!
  10. NFL Playoffs

  11. NFL Playoffs

    I still expect the Steelers to win
  12. NFL Playoffs

    Great game to be fair
  13. NFL Playoffs

    Something to look forward to for at least 2 more years
  14. NFL Playoffs

    Great play
  15. NFL Playoffs

    I guess what's worse is we know the bengals would have folded in the 1st quarter......
  16. NFL Playoffs

    I really hate the Steelers.......
  17. NFL Playoffs

    Yeah!!! Go Jags
  18. NFL Playoffs

    Punch it boys!
  19. NFL Playoffs

    Good hold there mind
  20. NFL Playoffs

    The jags look spent :(
  21. NFL Playoffs

    So nice to shazier getting so much media attention
  22. NFL Playoffs

    This all looks so familiar
  23. NFL Playoffs

    Rothlesberger has got all day to throw
  24. NFL Playoffs

    Can' they just fuck off just once????
  25. NFL Playoffs

    Here we go again