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  2. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    I will probably never understand why the Bengals gave Hart such a big contract I get that starting quality OTs are in short supply right now........but he is nowhere near starting quality and he was paid like a quality starter. If they figured they couldnt get anyone better, ok, i can understand that given the shortage.....but.......they could have had him for half or less of what they actually are paying him, in my opinion
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  4. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Mike likes 'em handy. 1996 second rounder Marco Battaglia once fixed my cable. He was working for either Verizon or Comcast in NJ a couple of years after he left the NFL
  5. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Someone needs to ask coach Turner to define the word "Phenomenal", because it must mean something completely different to him. I think the word he was searching for is "Abysmal".
  6. Hart’s cleaning out my gutters right now.
  7. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Yeah great plan. Because nothing solves giving up 10 sacks on the season like putting a rookie next to you. Fuck Hart. He’s a bag of suck !!
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  9. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    my reading of the tea leaves is that Hart is their guy. I read OL coach Turner's quotes after Hart was re-signed... said that he was phenomenal. I also saw how much signing bonus the Bengals gave to him, and that was just two months ago. Maybe playing next to a top blocking TE like Drew Sample will motivate Bobby Hart to become better at, you know, blocking?
  10. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    They should be trying Glenn at ORT right now to make sure it works Glenn at ORT almost has to be an improvement over Hart They have several veteran players who can fill (and need lots of practice reps) at OLG while Boling is out - Westerman, Redman, and Hopkins What they dont have is a reliable ORT
  11. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    I know they said not to read into it too much, but Williams started practice at LT while Glenn kicked inside to LG. While I don't think Glenn stays at LG unless Boling gets hurt, it would not surprise me to see Williams stay at LT come week #1. Williams, Boling, Price, Miller, Glenn Minus not knowing much about Miller or whomever else they stick at RG, that line already looks far better than the one they finished 2018 with. I like that they are willing to move the pieces around and shake things up a bit.
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  13. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    yep, we should have offered our 2020 r5 pick sad - business as usual for this team
  14. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    I don't care about someone else's rankings of Lee or the suspension to end last season. He would have been better than any LB we had on the team immediately, which position group is still a big question mark regardless of the draft. People can argue all they want about rather having the 6th round pick instead of Lee. I'll simply disagree. Again however, I will give this coaching staff the benefit of the doubt.
  15. Glad we hung onto next year’s 5th or 6th round pick. We could get a depth guy who may be able to play teams. Darron Lee? Just a starting linebacker who’s better than everyone we have now? Not for a valuable 6th rounder!
  16. 2019 LB rank/ @PFF 36. Darron Lee (Traded Jets to KC 6th round) 111. Nick Vigil 136. Preston Brown 145 Jordan Evans 158 Vontaze Burfict 160 Hardy Nickerson
  17. https://twitter.com/lancemcalister/status/1129048417051844609?s=21
  18. Where’s the outrage? I practically started a riot at work when I read this, so I’m doing my part.
  19. Sorry TJ, the Chiefs got Darron Lee from the Jets. All it cost them was a 6th rounder. Mike spent the morning putting some new tabs in his 2019 Franklin Planner (Deluxe Edition). He also had a nice talk with the young fellow who mows his grass, the youngster’s grandfather also had a hip replaced so there was a lot to talk about.
  20. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    You should see the guy writing the article
  21. Bengals UDFA signings

    Oddly enough there is an write up about him on the official site and how he always liked Chad. Go figure...
  22. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Well we can forget about Darren Lee now. The Chiefs got the former first rounder for a 6th round pick next year. Small price to pay for potential upside. Still wish he would have come here but oh well...
  23. 4th Round Pick (B): Renell Wren, DT, Arizona St.

    Your new name is RenRen
  24. 4th Round Pick (B): Renell Wren, DT, Arizona St.

    I have a feeling this season is going to make us more pissed at Marvin. And all the wasted talent and years. Not that I think they'll make the playoffs. But I do think we'll see a difference in performance in much better and refreshing way, like you said.
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  26. 4th Round Pick (B): Renell Wren, DT, Arizona St.

    They are so short on DT’s there’s no way they don’t keep everyone. How and where the new coaching staff decides to utilize them is anyone’s guess. Just read about the new linebacker coach who’s name I still can’t recall and it reminded me that we won’t be able to base anything off of what we used to do. Sounds like anything but the boring we’ve grown accustomed to.
  27. Just getting caught up with some draft prospects. The guy is bigger than Billings. My first thought is will they keep Billings? Second thought was he’ll be the NT role like Peko in a 4-3. Asked to eat blockers. 3rd thought was if he gets passing downs he’ll be in the Margus Hunt role at DT just to push pocket and eat blockers. Then I watched the above film. Played a lot on passing downs. Dropped into coverage some. Dominated his man several times if he lined up one on one. Look like he has first step get through a gap. I don’t see short area quickness once beating the blocks to get a lot of sacks. It will be interesting to see what happens with this guy.
  28. 6th Round Pick (B): Deshaun Davis, MLB, Auburn

    More excited about this pick after reading Bengals.com piece.
  29. 2nd Round Pick: Drew Sample, TE, Washington

    From Albert Breer's MMQB column: https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/05/13/vikings-cap-space-kyle-rudolph-browns-odell-beckham-jr-rookie-minicamps-dahale-warring-drew-sample
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