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  2. Giants preseason game

    I think so far the team looks less like one that will struggle to compete with anyone and more like one that will keep games close and probably lose most of them -- that's encouraging. The running game is horrible to nobody's surprise.
  3. Giants preseason game

    Dalton’s last drive that ended in a touchdown, they looked good on that drive. Defense is going to suffer from Mike’s stubborn to “go to war with what you have” at linebacker. Lawson looked unblockable. His physical development from when he was drafted is remarkable. Almost unbelievable. We’ll see. My fear with him, as happens to so many guys who somehow gain 30 lbs of muscle and get faster and quicker, is that he’ll suffer a long series of connective tissue injuries. I hope that doesn’t happen because he looked amazing against the Giants.
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  5. Giants preseason game

    That is sweet!
  6. Giants preseason game

    Went down to the stadium last night with my oldest boy and had a great time. Tried out seats all over the place and there really isn't a bad view in the house. Ended up down by the Bengals tunnel for the 4th quarter and my son made out like a fat rat. Gloves from Geno, towel from Lawson, and a Bengals t-shirt from some other player. I love preseason for the fact that my two tickets cost a total of $10.00 !!!
  7. Offensive Line

    If they can’t get the running game going it’s going to be bad on offense this year. The ball has to come out quick in the passing game which is easier to do with a decent run game.
  8. Giants preseason game

    It only just now occurred to me that we're no longer going to be dealing with Marvin Lewis clock management or wasted timeouts. Who knows if Taylor will be any better, but needless to say I am optimistic.
  9. Giants preseason game

    Good night for the three QBs. Dolegala is rendering Driskel even more obsolete.
  10. Giants preseason game

    Drink every time Anthony Munoz says "I'll tell you what," and you'll get drunk fast.
  11. Giants preseason game

    Anderson - 1st touch, big gain with a nice move. Wonder if he'll give Bernard a run for his money. Nice pass by Dalton to Uze for TD. Not sure if Giants have 2nd team in on D, but he's getting no pressure at all really.
  12. Giants preseason game

    Two possessions, two punts for the starting offense. Boyd had a bad drop.
  13. Giants preseason game

    I have a feeling WJIII is going to be back to himself this year though.
  14. Giants preseason game

    Defense looks like swampass
  15. Offensive Line

    I would phrase it that I have no expectations at all for this team right now. I hope they surprise me...but I hope that most years and they rarely do. I agree on the final record being around 6-7 wins, basically just enough to ensure that the true blue-chippers are beyond reach next April. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  16. Offensive Line

    If you are predetermined to think this team will suck; Trent Williams solves nothing other than to maybe move you down the draft board a couple spots. Dalton will cost a lot of cap space in his next deal. I’m taking Williams if they can get an extended deal keeping him at least 4 years AND less than a 1st. Otherwise not worth it, IF you think this team is going to suck. Which I kinda think they are 6/7 win range.
  17. Offensive Line

    Washington is probably thinking or hoping someone suffers an injury and is willing to offer more. Still surprised they passed up a first for Williams though.
  18. Offensive Line

    Word today is that the Pats offered DC their first next year and Washington said no. Our first would probably be more attractive since it’s likely to be a much higher pick, but it doesn’t seem like Washington is in any hurry. Guess we just do the go to war with what we have thing again, since that’s worked so well in the past...
  19. Offensive Line

    I didn’t go into the first two games looking for penalties, but I sure as shit saw them. They really need to clean that up. Agree about preseason though. Still vanilla...
  20. Offensive Line

    Sure, no argument with the preseason games. Not looking good usually doesn't bode well though, the W/L record is meaningless. I think a 6-7 win season is certainly best case scenario for them. Watching the 1st string play just reminds me of how long we've been watching the same below-average players for years now, would love to see some of the younger guys push a few of those starters, if not replace them. Not seeing anyone stepping-up yet really, at least on D. Probably the only thing I get out of preseason.
  21. Offensive Line

    Lol. Got a give the team props, they do keep the chuckles coming, that’s for sure.
  22. Fantasy Football 2019

    Ok should be 7 eastern now. Friggin time zones.
  23. Offensive Line

    Preseason reveals nothing, IMO. The first 2 games were not needle movers, IMO. If you go into the game thinking Bengals will suck then you’ll see things that confirm that and ignore the anything that suggest the opposite. If you go into the game thinking they are awesome. You’ll see exactly that. That is the fools gold of the preseason. Very rarely you get a performance that changes your world view. Typically IF you do, it’s usually an individual performance. At least for me anyway. I can remember watching a select few Bengal rookies play in their first preseason action and thinking they nailed it right off the bat. I think this is 6/7 win team then pending momentum and luck/bad luck they could jump or down a few notches. I’m guessing I’ll feel that way after the Giants game.
  24. Fantasy Football 2019

    It should be 7-8 pm. Let me check it might be a time zone issue since I’m on central time. Stuck in a meeting now will check once I get out.
  25. Fantasy Football 2019

    That’s the right time. The 4th at 8pm EST.
  26. Offensive Line

    It’s looking worse and worse. They must have begged Westerman. And they’ll only beg a depth journeyman if they completely suck. This third preseason game will be revealing. It’s supposedly the true dress rehearsal for the season. And I’m talking about the starters, the second half or whatever doesn’t matter. I’d like to see Finley in with the other starters, playing against a starting defense. Just see what he can do. Sorry Andy, I don’t mean anything by it! It’s me, not you! You just deserve a team that feels about you the way you feel about it. You deserve it. And you’re not getting that here right now. We can still be friends though, right? Finley barfs all over himself in the preseason game. God Andy I missed you so much! Remember how we fucked in the parking lot of that Promise Keepers rally? That was the greatest. We’re still cool, right?
  27. Offensive Line

    Dalton is under contract 2020. So you could dangle him to replace any pick lost for Williams. So there is that option too.
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