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Bunk & lewis in same draft


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That was horrible!

Marvin wouldn't give up two huge draft picks like that.

Yo! I totally agree. Those are the kinda of picks that Marvin stockpiles. It won't happen.

However, the Bunk/ Lewis combinatiopn is interesting.

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I love Dunn and all but I'd still keep perry

I agree you. Dunn is an awesome back but the age difference is not good. Perry has too many good years left, and Dunn is on the downside of his career.

I liked the first two rounds of the draft(Brunkley in the 1st and Lewis in the 2nd) provide we address the safety and corner needs in free agency.

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It seems from that posters mock the Bengals are writing off this season and loading up for 2007. That seems unlikely. Instead, how about this idea? I tossed out the trades proposed, but used that posters mock to select my own guys....taking only players that hadn't been selected prior to the Bengals draft position. I started in the 1st round, moving quickly from round to round in true bang/bang fashion armed only with a mental list of needs I'd like to fill, and a gut feeling about the depth available at those positions. After spending all of 5 minutes making the selections I added the explanations.

1st Round - (24) Cincinnati Bengals – CB – Tye Hill, Clemson - I went shopping for a true cover corner with speed and swagger high priorities. Hill fit the bill very nicely, and his selection would allow the Bengals to cut Tory James and create additional cap room. Make no doubt about it, it hurts to pass on one of the so-called elite DT prospects, but I was confident the Bengals could still get quality at that position later in the draft.

2nd Round - (23) Cincinnati Bengals – TE – Marcedes Lewis, UCLA - The Bengals need a "Move TE" that can provide a deep threat on occasion. Lewis not only fits my needs but has an outstanding reputation as a hard worker and a high character team leader. In addition, with K-Dub a restricted FA I think the Bengals can delay drafting a 3rd WR until next year. Fixing the gaping hole at TE can't wait forever.

3rd Round - (27) Cincinnati Bengals - DT – Jesse Mahelona, Tennessee - This is where I've planned to target a DT all along, and there were two worthy prospects that were taken at the top of the following round. For the record, I picked Mahelona over the big kid from Stanford because whenever given a choice I'll always pick the pass rushers, and I think he fits the Bengal DT profile better.

4th Round - (26) Cincinnati Bengals – CB – Alan Zemaitis, Penn State - Frankly, I was hoping to get a SS at this spot, but I don't like the options still available. (Free agency?) Zemaitis would give the Bengals a whip smart and very physical CB prospect.

5th Round - (25) Cincinnati Bengals – QB – Drew Olson, UCLA - If Kitna re-signs I might look for WR help here. For the sake of argument I assume he's gone and quickly take a flyer by drafting a 2nd day QB who has the smarts and experience to contribute quickly, if needed, and at worst can battle Krenzel and Johnson for the 3rd spot.

6th Round - (24) Cincinnati Bengals – DE – Chris Gocong, Cal Poly - I'll admit I don't know much about him, but on paper he looks like an interesting prospect who can help immediately on special teams.

7th Round - (23) Cincinnati Bengals – DT – Montavious Stanley, Louisville - I don't think he'll be available this late, but if he is I couldn't pass on adding his size.

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