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Cheapest and most tainted Super Bowl ever?


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The NFL is starting to turn into the Republican Party....


Hell yeah! Preach the truth brother! We all know the NFL would be soooo much cooler and straight up with it's fans if it were more like the American Democratic Party where there has NEVER, EVER been even the slightest hint of cheapness...




or any sort of impropriety whatsoever!!


Snide jokes and innuendo aside, I'd prefer the NFL not be held in comparison to any political party. Politics is the mother's milk of corruption!

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Anytime you can win a Superbowl it is not cheap. You could make the same arguments in the Colts game for the Steelers, but they overcame it. As bad as the ref's were, the Seahawk mistakes were just as bad. The Bengals were winning 10-0 at one point, the ref's tried to hand Manning that victory, and the Steelers just killed Denver where Denver was unbeaten. Give those drunken scumbags some credit. I know our excuses on the losses in our 2 Superbowls never make me feel any better. The goal-line stand, the fumbles, the int's, Krumries leg, the dropped int, Stanley Crack binge. We lost, just like the Steelers. Next year it wont matter. The fact is the Steelers are 5-1 in Superbowls and we're 0-2. Let's hope Marvin changes all that.

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