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(Chad) Johnson driven to perform


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Johnson driven to perform

By Brandon Masuoka

Advertiser Staff Writer

Get ready, the Chad Johnson show is coming to the Pro Bowl.

"I will surely make it exciting," the record-setting Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver said. "It will be fun, you'll see."

As one of the top showmen in the league, Johnson's antics — he's pretended to propose marriage to a Ben-Gal cheerleader after scoring a touchdown — are never crass, but rated "E" for everyone.

Yesterday, Johnson — gold-covered teeth and all — spoke of injured teammate/quarterback Carson Palmer, new touchdown celebrations and his dream of winning a Cadillac given to the Pro Bowl's most valuable player.

Johnson also guaranteed, "I won't be stopped," at Sunday's NFL all-star game, the 27th contest played at Aloha Stadium.

In a heartfelt tribute, Johnson said he'll dedicate his Pro Bowl performance to Palmer, the FedEx Air NFL Player of the Year, who injured his knee in the team's 31-17 playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers Jan. 8.

"Most definitely, I'm going to play for him this week," said Johnson, who earned his third consecutive Pro Bowl trip as a member of the American Football Conference. "I've got a good (touchdown) celebration for him, too."

Johnson didn't stop there. As a car enthusiast, he said he could use another Cadillac. For that, he needs to win the MVP award.

"I do have (a Cadillac)," Johnson said. "I got one when it first came out. But to add another one to my collection of cars would not be bad. So, most definitely, I'll be playing for one this Sunday."

"I hope he gets the Cadillac," said Kansas City quarterback Trent Green, who is Johnson's AFC teammate. "If he gets the Cadillac, that means the AFC won. Generally, the MVP comes from the winning team. So yeah, I'm going to do everything I can to get him the Cadillac. Chad is an excellent player, and he's a big playmaker, so I hope it works out for him."

This season, the fifth-year pro out of Oregon State won his third consecutive AFC receiving yards title, recording a team-record 1,432 yards. He also led the conference in receptions with a career-high 97, and became the first Bengal to lead both categories in the same season.

He also had nine touchdowns, and performed with flair.

"I'm thinking of ways to entertain," Johnson said. "The NFL, I don't want to say it's gotten boring, but the excitement in the game has somewhat gone away. I'm trying to bring the excitement for everybody, especially my city, and make it fun watching the game."

An online video Web site by Cincinnati's WCPO-TV lists, "2005 Bengals: Top 5 Chad Johnson Celebrations" with some titled "The Riverdance," "CPR," and "Santa Chad."

"He's not hurting anybody's feelings when he goes out there and does things," said Atlanta Falcons cornerback and first-time Pro Bowler DeAngelo Hall, who will play for the NFC squad. "He's even got some cheerleaders some face time. He's down there proposing. I love what the guy does after touchdowns."


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:P Chad was on the NFL network interviewing the NFC team and it had to be the funniest thing I had seen in a while.. he really does love playing football and every body on both teams love Chad. Not 1 person said that they had a problem with what he does.
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