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I know we weren't in it, but it is obvious the NFL is fixed. Remember when Troy clearly picked off Peyton Manning in their playoff game and it was over turned? Horrible call, and it was obvious they wanted the Colts to win.

They need full time refs, these refs have been horrible all year long not just in the playoffs.

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Why do Bengal fans care aboutthe officiating? The Begals were not involved in any of the games were calls were in question. You have to be alive in the playoffs past the 1st round for that possibility to occur.

Well the reason we weren't alive in the playoffs is because certain teams know the only way to win is to take out our QB. That makes us care about the outcome of said teams remaining games.

That is OK, however, because certain teams have to play us again next year, which is not good news for said teams. Payback is a b*tch. And you re a troll.

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