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Odell on ESPN2 Tonight, Welcome to the NFL at 8PM


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Great show, thanks for posting this schooler. When Odell learns that he has to focus and use his head before his instincts - until it becomes instinct - he's gonna be a great one.

Hunley was quoted a lot. They ended his segment with him walking off the field after the playoff loss to the Steelers, "we'll be back next year, and we'll go a lot farther."

Cheered me up a bit watching that.

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I think we should of suspened or cut him from the team after the late curfew incident. At least that is what some of the people on here would of said to do.

Yes... because being late for curfew and being arrested for a gun crime are so similar. I'm one of the few who has actually tried to defend Henry, because it's too easy to see the world with white suburban lenses... but you're ignorance is astounding. If you can't see the difference between a late curfew and being arrested (almost shot) by police, I don't have the time or patience to explain it to you. I'm not a professional psychologist.

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