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McNabb Says Owens Rift "Black On Black Crime"

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One of the most ridiculous and far fetched comments I've ever heard from an athlete - and very racially tainted from McNabb with no real justification.

Apparently Owens' should've used a black QB's name instead of a white QB like Favre in his previous comments - then he would've understood.

Because apparently, black-on-white crime is more tolerable and acceptable, whereas black-on-black "crime" is much worse and should not be tolerated at all... :rolleyes:

What a bunch of racist tripe from McNabb. Why don't you win something meaningful like Favre has McNabb, and then spew your unfounded rhetoric as you please - Owens used Favre's name because he's a HOF QB with a SuperBowl ring - unlike yourself.

Just stupid.

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