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Mock drafts galore !!


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This is a great website for mock drafts and in some cases, a good laugh. I especially like the nflcountdown one, very good info on all teams as well as positional rankings and player information. Team needs as well as free agency pickups make my following statement VERY possible !! With the 17th pick in the NFL draft, the Cincinnati Bengals draft Vince Wilfork !! Has a beautiful sound to it !!



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Actually, I want to throw out a name that hasn't been mentioned. Remember, Marvin's philsophy is to take the best player available and he said that will hold true except he won't draft a FB or QB in the first round. Therefore, I say the Bengals take Shawn Andrews at 17 if he is available. Everything I've been reading is he is expected to go between 15-20. Also, everyone is saying he is one of the most dominant run blockers to enter the draft in 10 years. I say we put him at RG and groom him to take over for Willie in 2-3 years. Can you imagine the Bengals running the "Power 24 O" with Steinbach pulling and Willie and Andrews on the right side. Rudi can just tuck in behind those three and follow them to the end zone!!!!

This pick is based on the Bengals siging a FA corner and the fact the draft has quality DL 3 rounds deep. Pick up a DT in the second round and a Safety or Corner in the third round.

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